What is it about and how many episodes are there?

Lesley Sharp leads the cast of the brand new crime thriller Before We Die on C4, but what is it about?

How many episodes are there and how can I watch the entire series?

Here’s everything you need to know about Before We Die on Channel 4.

The cast of Before We Die on Channel 4 (Image credit: C4)

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Before we die on C4: what is it about?

The new crime novel introduces us to DI Hannah Laing (Lesley Sharp), a detective who fights at every turn against the prospect of retirement.

When her married lover and fellow cop Sean Hardacre (Bill Ward) goes missing under mysterious circumstances, she persuades her colleagues to start an urgent manhunt.

She manages to contact Sean’s confidential source, Izzy, but it’s too late – Sean was brutally murdered the next day.

Hannah is determined to find out who was responsible for killing Sean.

And the investigation leads them to a criminal Croatian family named Mimicas.

At the center of the story is Hannah’s dysfunctional relationship with her son, whom she bought in for drug trafficking.

Christian (Patrick Gibson) never forgave her for the years he spent in prison.

Before We Die is an unpredictable drama full of twists and turns.

It is adapted from the Swedish hit series of the same name.

Before we die on C4: how many episodes are there?

Before We Die is a total of six episodes.

Each episode lasts an hour (including commercial breaks).

At the moment there is only one series.

However, the original Swedish thriller consists of two series.

So there’s hope for more on Channel 4!

Vincent Regan in Before We Die
Vincent Regan in Before We Die (Image credit: Channel 4)

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How can I see before we die?

Before We Die starts on Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 at 9 p.m. on C4.

All six episodes will be available on All 4 after the first episode.

So you can binge it if you want!

What happens in the first episode?

When Detective Inspector Hannah Laing kisses her married lover Sean Hardacre goodbye one morning, she can’t imagine that it will be the last time she’ll see her fellow detective alive.

But Sean is missing and his brutalized body is recovered the next day.

Determined to find out who was responsible for his killing, Hannah accesses one of Sean’s confidential contacts and persuades ‘Izzy’ to help her unravel the tangled threads of Sean’s investigation into the Mimicas.

The Mimicas are a close-knit family who left Croatia for Bristol and now run a successful restaurant …

This is exactly where Hannah’s estranged son Christian works …

Buckle up, it’s going to be a roller coaster ride!

Where is it filmed?

Before We Die is based in and around Bristol.

However, some scenes were also filmed overseas during the pandemic – with the cast living in a covid-safe bubble.

Actress Lesley Sharp explains: “We shot much of the show in and around Brussels, but the setting is Bristol.

“In Great Britain there is a wedding of winter with the euro lowlands. The aim is to make the British landscape sometimes look as restless and desolate as the world through which our characters want to move.”

Before we die on Channel 4, starts Wednesday May 26, 2021 at 9 p.m. All six episodes will be available on All 4 after the first episode.

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