What is it about and is this the last season?

The Kominsky Method has been a charming viewer for three seasons – but the series is finally reaching its bittersweet twilight years.

The Netflix show, with Michael Douglas as Sandy Kominsky, is a favorite for its unique approach to getting old gracefully.

While life throws them more curveballs, it’s up to its long-suffering agent, Norman, to keep his spirits up.

In LA, however, aging is practically a no-no when it comes to cracking Hollywood.

Here’s what the bittersweet story has to offer and who’s in the all-star cast.

The all-star cast is back for one final hurray (Credit: Netflix)

Does the Kominsky Method end with Season 3?

Unfortunately yes.

In the final season of the Kominsky Method, Sandy learns to deal with the afterlife of his best friend, Norman.

He is also responsible for managing the estate of his deceased friend.

As a result, things get more complicated, Sandy’s ex-wife Roz suddenly reappears, and their volatile relationship reaches new levels.

Then Sandy is offered a new job and his dreams of being a famous actor may finally come true.

The final season has six half-hour episodes.

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The Kominsky method
Sandy learns to cope with life without a norm (Image credit: Netflix)

Who is in the cast?

Michael Douglas plays Sandy Kominsky on the series, with Alan Arkin previously playing his right-wing husband Norman.

In the new series, Kathleen Turner joins as Sandy’s ex-wife Roz.

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Sarah Baker, Paul Reiser, Lisa Edelstein, Emily Osment, Graham Rogers and Haley Joel Osment complete the cast.

Chuck Lorre, whose previous work includes The Big Bang Theory and Two-and-a-Half Men, is the show’s creator.

The Kominsky Method will be released on Netflix on May 28th.

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