What is it based on? When will it be released?

Sex / Life is the latest new series that will dominate Netflix headlines.

The highly anticipated comedy-drama is based on BB Easton’s book 44 Chapters About 4 Men, Sex / Life.

The show, created by a predominantly female creative team, explores sexual desires from a woman’s perspective.

Creator Stacy Rukeyser recently teased that it would contain “a healthy dose of objectification and fetishization of the masculine form”.

So it’s already at the top of our Netflix list!

Sex / Life is the newest hot Netflix drama (Credit: Netflix)

What is the Netflix series Sex / Life about?

The series tells the story of housewife Billie. She struggles to be a devoted housewife and mother while missing her old life.

As she reminisces more and more, she begins to have hot fantasies about her ex-boyfriend.

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“It’s a nostalgic, sparkling fever dream, a glimpse into the past with rose-tinted glasses – and the best sex you’ve ever had,” Stacy told Entertainment Weekly.

As a result, Billie’s wild childhood past soon begins to catch up with her in increasingly uncomfortable ways.

It gets worse when her husband discovers the cheeky entries in her secret diary.

Will their sexual desires cause conflict in their marriage? Will she end up realizing she made a mistake leaving her ex? Or will she have a new sexual adventure with her husband?

Sex / life on Netflix
The series will debut on June 25th (Credit: Netflix)

Sex / Life: Who’s in the cast?

Actress Sarah Shahi plays the sexually liberated Billie.

She is best known for her role in the LGBT + drama The L Word, in which she played Carmen between 2005 and 2009.

However, she was also seen in Person of Interest and the US drama Chicago Fire.

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She also made headlines in April when her divorce from shameless actor Steve Howey was finalized. The couple share three children and have been together for 11 years.

Her husband on the show is played by Mike Vogel.

Mike is known to viewers for shows like Bates Motel, Under The Dome, and the movie Secret Obsession.

Meanwhile, actor Adam Demos plays Billie’s former flame Brad. He is already known to Netflix viewers after starring in the movie Falling Inn Love.

Other fans may know him from the TV show UnREAL.

Sex / life on Netflix
The show was made mostly by female creators (Credit: BBC)

When will Sex / Life be released on Netflix?

Sex / Life was first announced in 2019.

It was originally supposed to be filmed in early 2020, but unfortunately the global pandemic has put an end to that.

However, filming on the eight-part series began over the summer.

As a result, it wasn’t wrapped until December.

Netflix has announced that Sex / Life will be streamed in the UK on June 25th.

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