What is The Chase star Paul Sinha’s TV showdown and who is in it?

Chase star Paul Sinha has his own quiz program, TV Showdown, and it started this weekend!

The Sinnerman, a follower of the hit ITV quiz show, introduced the new program as it tested celebs on their knowledge of the best things on television.

But what happens in TV Showdown, who else appears in it and what do the viewers think?

The Chase star now has his own quiz show (Image Credit: Livewire Pictures / ITV)

What did the audience think of the first episode?

The show shared those who tuned in on Saturday night to see what Paul’s new show is about.

Some called it the “worst” TV show they’d ever seen, while others predicted ITV wouldn’t commission it for a second series.

However, some enjoyed it and praised it as “harmless fun”.

Dear God, TV showdown is terrible … Lockdown TV at its worst.

One said, “It’s safe to say that Paul Sinah’s #TVShowdown won’t be back on line for another series …”

A second wrote, “Dear God, #TVShowdown is terrible. It’s not Paul Sinha’s appearance at all … Lockdown TV at its worst. “

A third tweeted, “#TVShowdown may be the worst show I’ve ever seen.”

“Loved TV showdown … @paulsinha @FayRipley you are great,” said another.

“#TVShowdown, well I enjoyed it!” wrote a fifth.

A sixth said, “Well, I enjoyed that very much, it’s harmless fun.”

Paul later took to Twitter in ostensible defense of the show.

He wrote in a tweet his The Chase co-star Darragh Ennis “liked”: “Everyone starts somewhere.”

What happens in the Chase star Paul Sinha’s TV showdown?

ITV has called it a “Quiz Show of a Special Kind” as two teams with three familiar faces compete against each other in the ultimate TV quiz.

The game features clips from shows, ads, and music videos from 2021 and past decades.

In round one, the participants answer questions using a clip. In round two, they have to identify a TV star based on clues from a celebrity guest.

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In the third round, the team members select a category and each answer a question based on it.

In the fourth round, each panelist has their own questions. In a quick question and answer session similar to Mastermind, they add up the scores to announce a winning team.

Paul Sinha
Paul’s ITV quiz is all about TV (Photo Credit: Brett D. Cove / SplashNews.com)

Who participates in the pursuer of the program?

Paul has two regular crew captains on the show – actress Fay Ripley and stand-up comedian Rob Beckett.

Celebrities who join them over the course of the series include actress Emilia Fox, jolly Melvin Odoom, and host Laura Whitmore.

Also on show include Janet Street-Porter from Loose Women, radio host Roman Kemp and Shirley Ballas from Strictly.

The first episode, which aired on Saturday (January 9th), featured GMB host Adil Ray, comedian Josh Widdicombe, actress Catherine Tyldesley and host Denise van Outen.

Fay Ripley is a team captain on the show (Image Credit: Livewire Pictures / ITV)

Who is TV Showdown Captain Fay Ripley?

Fay is an actress who has appeared on shows like Cold Feet, Reggie Perrin, and Monday Monday.

When asked if she was a TV fan, she told ITV, “I think I didn’t get the premise of the show. I understood that I was going to be interviewed on the television I saw last Tuesday.

“But apparently it’s a back catalog. My back catalog is not what it was due to menopause. “

Comedian Rob Beckett will also lead a team (Image Credit: Livewire Pictures / ITV)

Who is team captain Rob Beckett?

Rob’s credits include the team captain of 8 out of 10 cats and Celebs Go Dating he was told.

He’s also appeared on Taskmaster.

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Rob is also an avowed TV fanatic, as he said, “I love television. I love it all I’m going to see a documentary about Woody Allen on BBC4, but then I’ll see Diva Forever with Gemma Collins. I watch everything and everyone. “

Paul Sinha’s TV showdown will initially run for six episodes (Photo credit: Livewire Pictures / ITV)

When does the Chase star Paul Sinha’s new show run?

The program started on Saturday (January 9th) at 10pm on ITV.

It will continue to air at the same time on Saturdays during the first run of six episodes.

The new show from The Chase favorite Paul is a Livewire Pictures production.

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