What is the second series of The Bay on ITV1 about? Morven Christie returns

The Bay returns to ITV1 with six brand new episodes. But what is the second series of The Bay about?

Cast Morven Christie, Daniel Ryan and Taheen Modak are all back, along with some new faces.

Everything you need to know is here!

*** Warning: May contain spoilers from The Bay’s second series ***

James Cosmo and Stephen Tompkinson in The Bay’s second series (Image Credit: ITV)

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What is the second series of The Bay about?

The Bay is returning to ITV1 for a six-part second series following the dramatic events of 2019.

The trailer (shown below) shows Lisa Armstrong and Med arriving at a house on Williamson Road after a shooting resulted in a death.

We were told that there may have been “bad blood in the family” and that the killer “knew what they were doing”.

ITV tells us: “The second series starts with Lisa Armstrong at a low point.

“She’s being forced to do minor policing while watching Med grow stronger.

“But a new case with a shocking murder in a loving family unexpectedly brings Lisa back to the front.

“She has to get under the skin of a new family and prove her worth; to your colleagues, your family and yourself. “

The Bay episode one

DC Lisa Armstrong has the option to come forward if she is asked to assist in a Morecambe murder investigation.

After looking at the ramifications of her actions over the past year, tensions remain high as Lisa struggles to get her job done while following directions from her previously subordinate colleague, Med.

As the team tries to find out why the victim was targeted, Lisa and her children are unwittingly pursued by a mysterious figure …

Your ex Andy Warren! But what does he want?

Joe Absolom portrays Andy Warren in The Bay on ITV1
Joe Absolom joins the cast as Andy Warren in The Bay (Image credit: ITV1)

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How did the Bay series end?

The Bay drew an impressive 7.3 million viewers for the final episode of the first series.

In the closing scenes, Lisa discovered her daughter Abbie’s connection with the drug dealer Vincent and had him arrested.

Pregnant teenager Holly did NOT murder her twin Dylan. The killer was revealed to be her friend Sam.

He confessed everything to Lisa – that he had made Holly pregnant and that he was planning to start a new life with her in Manchester.

Sam also revealed that he killed Dylan, albeit accidentally, while trying to prevent her from leaving.

In one of the closing scenes of the sixth episode, we learned that Sam was in prison.

Some viewers were disappointed that so many plot questions remained unanswered.

Who will join the cast of The Bay’s second series?

In the second series, Stephen Tompkinson of The Split and Sunetra Sarker of Ackley Bridge are greeted.

Former EastEnders and Doc Martin star Joe Absolom also arrives at Morecambe Bay.

It portrays Lisa’s ex – and it will cause a lot of trouble for her and her two children.

Game of Thrones actor James Cosmo joins the cast as does Mistresses star Sharon Small.

Former Corrie star Julie Haworth, also known as Claire Peacock, also stars.

Killing Eve fans might spot actor Owen McDonnell – aka Niko.

Meanwhile, Shetland star Steven Robertson appears as Mark Emerson.

When is the Bay Air series finale?

The six-part series begins on Wednesday, January 20th at 9 p.m.

The dramatic conclusion will be published on Wednesday, February 24th at 9 p.m.

However, all episodes will be available on ITV Hub and Britbox after the first episode airs.

The bay returns to ITV on Wednesday January 20th at 9 p.m. All episodes will then be available on ITV Hub and Britbox.

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