What is The Wriggler and where can I buy it?

In Dragons’ Den tonight, a group of new entrepreneurs are entering with their pitches.

One of the featured products is The Wriggler, which piques the kites’ interest.

But what is it and where do you get your hands on one?

Here is everything you need to know about the product that might make life a little easier for some …

The Dragons had a choice to make when it came to The Wriggler (Credit: BBC)

Dragon’s Den pitches: The Wriggler baby mat

On today’s show, Dublin-based couple James and Aileen McCauley walk into the den with baby Sam – a fake baby – to demonstrate their product.

They present the returning Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Tej Lalvani and Sara Davies with an innovative changing mat.

The wriggler is supposed to help mothers and fathers whose little ones don’t stand still when changing nappies.

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The mat resembles a bear figure, with two long arms that can be wrapped around the baby so that it stays snuggly in its place.

And with two knee pads to help parents keep the mat in place, The Wriggler prevents it from turning over and rolling.

With the product already selling well, the couple asked the Dragons for an investment of £ 50,000 in exchange for a 25 percent stake in the business.

As Aileen says, the product will help “turn fights into cuddles”.

Dragons' Den Pitches The Wriggler Baby Mat
Aileen suggested the idea of ​​a baby mat to the dragons (Image: BBC)

Dragons’ Den The Wriggler – what is it made of?

The simple but innovative baby mat uses non-toxic materials.

James and Aisleen say it has been “rigorously tested to ensure it meets and exceeds requirements to limit heavy metals, lead, BPA, phthalates, cadmium and azo dyes in baby products.”

The Wriggler has also been subjected to a safety test by a CPSC-recognized and independently verified test laboratory.

Dragons' Den Pitches The Wriggler Baby Mat
You can buy The Wriggler directly from a website (Source: The Wriggler)

Where can you get buy The Wriggler?

They have their own website where you can shop directly Here.

One of The Wriggler’s anti-roll baby mats costs £ 34.99.

The company also sells a baby shower cap and eye protection for £ 3.99 and a fruit dispenser for £ 4.99.

There is also a Wriggler Bundle Package that includes the mat itself, three bandana bibs, and a pair of novel socks.

Dragons' Den puts on air-raid vests
Sara Davies tries on an air raid vest (Image: BBC)

Dragons’ Den episode 10 pitch pitch

The first to pitch the Dragons on today’s episode is Deborah Lockheart of Buckingham.

Deborah’s “luxurious” plant-based range – Honest Blend – contains everything from loose tea and gin to bottled water and hand sanitizer.

Robert Simpson then presents the kite with his Tipsi tray.

The weighted tray makes it easier to serve food and drinks.

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In fact, Robert demonstrates how the tray can be thrown over his head without spilling anything.

Next up, Adrian and Emma introduce the dragons to their pet wedding escort service.

And then husband and daughter Peter Riley and Zara Dixon present their airbag protective vests for cyclists, motorcyclists and riders.

Another diverse range of products, but will the dragons bite any of them?

Dragons’ Den will air on BBC One at 8 p.m. tonight (Thursday 3rd June).

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