What other TV shows was Rose actress Sharon Small on?

Rose in The Bay is played by the Scottish actress Sharon Small.

She could be a familiar face to viewers as her résumé includes parts of Death in Paradise and Downton Abbey.

Read on to learn more about the star of the ITV drama and her other roles.

Sharon plays Rose Marshbrook on the Bay (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

Who is Bay Actress Sharon Small?

Sharon is an actress from Glasgow and has two teenage sons, Zac and Leo.

Her partner is a photographer named Dan Bridge.

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In The Bay, she plays Rose Marshbrook, wife of Stephen Tompkinson’s character Stephen Marshbrook, who was brutally murdered in front of his son in the family home.

Rose’s son watched his father get shot (Photo credit: Jonny Birch / Tall Story Pictures / ITV)

Sharon’s role as Rose Marshbrook in The Bay

So far, viewers on the show have seen a troubled Rose struggling to get a grip on her husband’s death – and the impact it had on her son, the only witness to the crime.

In the first episode, someone posing as a courier asked about Stephen while he was enjoying a party with his family – and shot him up close as he walked to the door.

Sharon once revealed that Hollywood star Sally Field inspired her to pursue an acting career.

There aren’t many pieces for women my age either, so you have to take what you can.

She said in a conversation with The express 2015: “Sally was an inspiration. I was around 14 when I first saw her play a young woman with multiple personalities in Sybil and I remember thinking, “How does she do this? I want to do that and portray different lives. “Acting is about being in another universe. “

During the same conversation, she said of her career, “You have to keep working… There aren’t many pieces for women my age either, so you have to take what you can.

“I don’t want to moan about it, but there is a pond of really fantastic actresses aged 45 to 60 who all play the same roles.”

Rose Sharon actress Sharon was also in Downton Abbey (Photo Credit: Jonny Birch / Tall Story Pictures / ITV)

What else was Sharon Small in?

Sharon was in an episode of the BBC crime thriller Death in Paradise.

She appeared as Dorothy Foster on the third series, which aired in 2014, when Kris Marshall played DI Humphrey Goodman.

Sharon was also at Downton Abbey. Fans of the popular drama may remember that she played Marigold Shore, the maid of the Earl of Grantham’s sister’s lady, Rosamund Painswick (Samantha Bond).

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The actress also appeared in the BBC crime drama The Inspector Lynley Mysteries and played DS Barbara Havers alongside Nathan Thomas Parker’s DI Thomas Lynley.

This show lasted six seasons between 2001 and 2007.

More recently, Sharon starred in the medical thriller Trust Me and played a character named Brigitte Rayne on the first series in 2017.

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