What shows are like Married at First Sight Australia? Our top suggestions

Do you feel a huge emptiness in your life after finishing the sixth series of Married At First Sight Australia?

Fortunately, we highly recommend MAFS Australia’s best next series to stream.

As well as a few other high profile reality dating shows …

What are the best series from MAFS Australia?

Married At First Australia’s sixth series is hands down one of the better ones.

Who can forget ‘Devil’s Bride’ Ines Basic? Or Sam Ball’s failure to show up for the reunion? Or his shocking messages about poor Lizzy?

But luckily there are several other equally – if not better – Aussie MAFS series that are well worth the watch.

Ines Basic is one of the best MAFS Australia participants (Credit: E4).

Consider the fifth series. If you haven’t seen it before, the predecessor to the sixth series is honestly fantastic.

Several allegations are made in this series that candidates have cheated and traded spouses.

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There’s a lot of drama and even a millionaire candidate – plus some key revelations towards the end.

Season 3 is another season to watch, largely because it’s a little more varied with the first same-sex couple in the series.

What shows are like Married at First Sight Australia?

If you are a fan of MAFS Australia we recommend that you try out the American and British versions of the shows.

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Or if you’re looking for something similar, but with a different format – we recommend trying one of the reality shows below.

Love is blind

Love Is Blind first aired on Netflix last year and was an instant hit. In this one-of-a-kind dating show, participants only select themselves based on conversation.

They are separated by a wall at all times and must choose their partner based on their personality and appearance. Once they are out of their pods, they need to manage their relationship in real life – with their eyes open.

Love is blind on Netflix
Love Is Blind offers real weddings and breakups! (Image credit: Netflix)

90 days fiance

90 Day Fiancé is a huge hit in the US and is being shown on TLC UK. This series follows Americans who fall in love with partners overseas.

Once they bring their partners to America, they have 90 days to marry her on a K-1 visa. Typically there is a lot of cheerfulness, awkwardness, and often downright madness. And it turned out to be so popular that it spawned an entire 90-day universe with a dozen or so spin-offs.

90 days fiance
90 Day Fiancé is guilty entertainment television at its finest (Credit: TLC)

The circle

The Circle on Netflix isn’t exactly a dating show – but it definitely involves a lot of flirting. Participants are accommodated in separate rooms within a house – but can only connect with each other via a social media profile app. They then compete by “rating” each other and the lowest ranked participant risks being “blocked”.

Contestants keep flirting, making friends, and lying, and even stabbing completely for a chance to win $ 100,000 ($ 72,850). It has been described as “Big Brother meets Catfish” and is one of those shows that you just can’t look away from.

the circle on netflix
The circle blurs the lines between reality and catfishing (Credit: Netflix)

Celebrities go out: the villa

Celebs Go Dating is back on E4, but this time around, it’s got a unique twist. Due to social distance, the participants must all live together in a mansion.

So this new series is as much about the friendships of the participants as it is about the predictably uncomfortable dates they begin. And the line-up this year is a bizarre mix – there are multiple reality stars, a soap star and even Gary Lineker’s brother.

2021 celebs leave the cast
The Celebs Go Dating is one of many shows including Married at First Sight Australia (Image credit: Channel 4)

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