What time is EastEnders tonight? No episode on Friday June 11th

Bad news for EastEnders fans – the soap won’t be on TV tonight.

The BBC soap is being postponed through the fixtures as a football summer begins.

But loyal fans don’t have to worry about missing their favorite show. Here’s what you need to know about how the European Championship – also known as Euro 2021 – will affect your viewers.

Then when will EastEnders be back? (Photo credit: BBC, Kieron McCarron / Jack Barnes)

Why isn’t EastEnders on TV tonight?

The summer dates changes begin as the Euro 2020 final – which has been postponed by the pandemic – does the same.

For tonight (June 11th) this means that the regular broadcast of EastEnders will not take place on Friday.

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Instead, the opening game of the 2020 pandemic delayed tournament between Turkey and Italy is on the box.

EastEnders fans won’t miss out though. And this week, on Tuesday, an additional episode was aired.

When will EastEnders be on TV again?

EastEnders will be next on TV Tuesday, June 15th.

This evening two episodes will be broadcast again.

We hope that the endless streaming options on BBC iPlayer keep viewers enjoying content for the next several weeks.

An episode will also air on Wednesday June 16.

Are you going to watch the next week’s episodes of EastEnders all at once? (Photo credit: BBC, Kieron McCarron / Jack Barnes)

EastEnders on iPlayer

However, if the summer clutter is just too much, EastEnders fans have a chance to watch it anytime.

That’s because episodes will be available on BBC iPlayer before their normal airtime.

So if loyal fans still want to watch football at the usual time, the episodes can simply be streamed.

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However, viewers can watch anytime – and can attend Walford events if they wish.

Next week’s episodes of EastEnders will air on the BBC iPlayer from 6am on Monday, June 14th. This will take three weeks, with four episodes released each time.

Football has made changes in television programming (Image Credit: BBC, Kieron McCarron / Jack Barnes)

What did EastEnders bosses say?

Executive producer Jon Sen believes EastEnders will be available for streaming, allowing viewers to watch when they want.

He said, “We are very excited to be giving EastEnders viewers the opportunity to choose when to drop by on all things Albert Square.

“With the inevitable schedule changes due to the Euros that we’re going to celebrate on screen in Walford, the boxing setting for all four episodes will ensure that everyone gets their dose of drama and that football fans don’t miss a thing.

“We hope the BBC iPlayer’s endless streaming options will bring content to viewers for the next several weeks.”

In the meantime, changes will occur at ITV, Coronation Street and Emmerdale.

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