What was it? What did Thatcher say about that?

It’s A Sin has become one of Channel 4’s most streamed shows in just a few weeks.

This hit drama explores the challenges men faced in 1980s London when they were gay.

In addition to the tragic and terrible AIDS epidemic, Section 28 was passed in 1988.

But what was it exactly? And what were the legal consequences? And why did then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher approve of such an act?

What is Section 28?

Section 28 was a law that was passed in 1988. This new law made it illegal to promote or normalize homosexuality in schools and councils.

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In particular, it was stipulated by law that schools and councils are prohibited from transport[ing] Homosexuality or publish[ing] Material intended to promote homosexuality ”.

Nathaniel Curtis as Ash in It’s A Sin (Image credit: Channel 4)

They were also banned from advertising[ing] the lessons in every maintained school about the acceptance of homosexuality as a feigned family relationship. “

In fact, this was the first UK law against homosexuals in 100 years.

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Implemented by the Conservative government, it unfortunately seemed to reflect the homophobic beliefs prevalent at the time.

official study In 1983 it was found that 75% of the UK population believed that homosexuality was “always or mostly wrong”.

Young George with Margaret Thatcher
Boy George met Margaret Thatcher in 1998 (Image Credit: SplashNews)

The law has faced mass protests across the UK involving celebrities such as Sir Ian McKellen.

Boy George also wrote a song against the act No Clause 28.

However, the law was not repealed until 2003.

What did Margaret Thatcher say about Section 28?

Section 28 was passed by the Conservative government under the then leadership of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

Thatcher publicly stated that if children were taught to be homosexual, being “cheated” was a human right.

At the time, she said, “Children who must be taught to respect traditional moral values ​​are taught that they have an inalienable right to be gay.

“All of these children are being cheated of a healthy start in life.”

it's a sin
Nathaniel Curtis with Olly Alexander in It’s a Sin (Image credit: Channel 4)

How is section 28 covered in It’s A Sin?

Section 28 is covered in Episode 4 of It’s A Sin.

This is when the young teacher Ash is asked to remove any mention of homosexuality from school books and materials.

In addition, actor Nathaniel Curtis also spoke BT TV about Ash’s dilemma.

He stated, “When Ash is a little older, he becomes a teacher and is asked by another senior staff member to get rid of any books that are inappropriate based on Section 28.

“It’s so hard for Ash because he’s someone who very rarely speaks without thinking.

“He’s someone with so many things to say and it all bubbles up in him and I think that’s the last straw.”

As you can see it’s a sin

All five episodes of It’s A Sin can now be streamed on All4.

By February 2021, the series had 6.5 million streams.

Ian Katz, Channel 4’s chief content officer, said, “It’s a Sin ‘s exceptional performance is a reminder that powerful drama with something important about the world can also be commercially successful.”

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