What will replace Death in Paradise next week when Series 10 comes to an end?

With so many points of discussion and open issues, the BBC crime series Death in Paradise is going to leave a big hole in the schedules. What will it replace next week?

And more importantly, when is Season 11 going to hit our screens ?!

Last night (February 18), Death in Paradise fans were “devastated” after fan favorite JP left the island in the season 10 finale.

Now fans are demanding that former favorite Dwayne (played by Danny John-Jules) return to the show to replace him.

Viewers were dejected as JP left (Photo credit: BBC)

What happened in the season 10 finale of Death In Paradise?

After another confusing case, all eyes turned to JP (Tobi Bakare), who was offered a new job at the end of the last episode.

He decided to take it, but his police friend Marlon found it difficult to cope with the news.

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When Marlon hit Tarone, JP stepped in and took the blame for his mentor’s behavior.

However, Commissioner Patterson knew the real truth and told JP he was “proud”.

Even so, it still meant JP should leave the island.

How did the audience react after JP left?

Devastated at the JP exit, viewers took to Twitter to express their sadness.

One wrote, “I’ll miss JP, he was one of my favorite characters from the show.

“I also yelled at the TV, could be one of the cruelest TV cliffhangers of all time and make us wait a whole year. So my #deathinparadise. “

Another said: “Honestly devastated that JP has left #DeathInParadise [cry emoji].

“He was just the BEST!”

Who do viewers want to replace JP?

With JP’s exit, there was only one person who viewers wanted to replace at the Saint Marie Police Department – Dwayne Myers, played by Danny John-Jules.

Viewers last saw Dwayne at the end of the seventh series when he reunited with his father and took a trip around the world.

Now they want him back.

If JP leaves, can we have Dwayne back, please?

One fan wrote on Twitter: “If JP leaves, can we have Dwayne back, please? #DeathInParadise. ”

Another said: “Cracking Finale Episode #DeathInParadise.

“Sergeant Hooper leaving the show… must surely mean the return of Officer Dwayne Myers [pray emoji]. ”

Gordon Ramsay in his new game show Bank Balance on BBC One
Gordon Ramsay’s new show will replace Death in Paradise next week (Credit: BBC)

What will replace death in paradise next week?

After fans lamented the end of Season 10 of Death In Paradise, BBC One is changing its pace next week.

Gordon Ramsay’s new quiz show, Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance, begins on Wednesday (February 24) and will run for three nights each week for three weeks.

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Gordon, 54, says of his new game show job, “It’s unpredictable, volatile, and very, very unstable … sounds familiar?”

Gordon Ramsay’s bank balance is on BBC One Wednesday, February 24 through Friday, February 26, 9:00 p.m.

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