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Choriza May is in the house and ready for RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3.

Originally from Valenicia, this Queen was made in Newcastle and prides itself on her Geordie base for bringing satirical fun to the stage.

But is that enough to bring home a win and be crowned the Next Drag Superstar?

We are ready to find out.

Here’s what she has to say about her drag and plans to take over the UK …

Choriza May is about to win her season three with Drag Race UK (Credit: World of Wonder)

Choriza May: pronouns, Instagram and information

Preferred pronouns in drag: You / you

Preferred pronouns from drag: He him

Instagram handle: @chorizamay

The 30-year-old star promises to be the “spiciest, meatiest and stupidest sausage” in the competition.

“As an immigrant queen, I’m someone with a slightly different background than the other queens in the competition, but my drag was born in the UK,” she said.

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“There are millions of European immigrants in the UK and I am so happy to represent them as the immigrant drag queen!”

Choriza sees herself as a storyteller – and uses all kinds of art forms in her shows. This includes everything from puppetry to live singing.

Choriza May
Can choriza spice up the competition? (Credit: world of wonders)

What does Choriza May want to bring to the UK Drag Race?

“Well, I think I’m a fun queen,” she said. “I love making people laugh. I am also very emotional and I love to get in touch with people through my art.

“As a graphic designer and illustrator, I’m very creative. In fact, as a fan of Drag Race I created a lot of fan artwork and now it’s hard to believe I’m on the show! It’s just wonderful! “

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As for why she deserves to win, Choriza said: “I am passionate and unique and bring a little breath of fresh air to the competition.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK continues at 7pm on BBC Three on Thursdays.

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