What’s going on Friday, May 28th, 2021

EastEnders spoilers for tonight reveal that Suki is making a desperate attempt to get his hands on some cash.

Meanwhile, Sonia meets her father again and Kim ignores Chelsea’s warning.

All of this and more in today’s EastEnders.

EastEnders Spoiler: Suki Reveals Why She Needs Money

Suki explains that Jags is in trouble (Photo credit: BBC)

Kheerat enjoys getting Suki to wriggle over his relationship with Sharon when she rushes out. She receives a call from Jags.

Stas later shows up at Minute Mart to meet, as Kheerat arranged. But Suki reveals the message from her when she tries to talk about business.

Kheerat is mad at his mother for sending a message to Stas behind his back. But she has to explain to him that Jags is in trouble.

What’s wrong with Jags?

Sonia meets Rocky

Sonia meets Rocky (Image credit: BBC)

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Sonia tells Tiffany that she’s taking it step by step with her father.

Sonia later shows up at The Vic to be confronted with Rocky again.

Kim refuses to listen

Kim doesn’t listen to Chelsea (Image credit: BBC)

In the scenes last night (Thursday May 28), Kim returned home with her new husband Dwayne for her birthday.

Chelsea recognized him immediately and warned her aunt that Dwayne was with her friend and that she was seeing four other women at the same time.

But tonight Kim still has her indicators on when it comes to Dwayne.

Will Chelsea be able to show her aunt what he really is?

Bobby and Iqra are stuck

Will Mila tell Iqra what happens? (Image credit: BBC)

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Bobby and Iqra both struggle with their emotions.

Iqra has doubts whether Mila really minds without knowing what’s really going on.

Will Mila tell her the truth?

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