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EastEnders spoilers for tonight reveal Linda collapsing, Ben and Callum returning to tension after their honeymoon, and Mo admitting concerns about Jean …

EastEnders spoilers tonight:

Linda to lose the baby when she collapses? (Image credit: BBC)

Linda collapses

Nancy’s recent homecoming has proven far from harmonious and she continues to upset the apple cart at the Carters.

Linda in particular finds it very difficult to deal with her attitude. Peacemaker Frankie encourages her half-sister to reach out to her mother and ease the friction.

But will mother and daughter ever compromise like chalk and cheese?

Nancy decides to give it a try and visits Linda to offer her one-on-one training.

To hide her pregnancy, Linda pushes herself too hard during training and collapses. Will she lose the baby?

EastEnders spoilers tonight
Not quite the homecoming Ben and Callum were hoping for (Credit: BBC)

Ballum are back!

Ben and Callum return from their honeymoon … and the honeymoon is really over when they discover that Vi is still with Stuart.

They will start their married life at home and sleep on a blasting bed!

When Ben thanks Phil for the honeymoon, he is amused when Phil makes it clear that it is the last thing they will get from him!

Meanwhile, Suki suggests asking Ben for help as she expresses her fears about Jags and Kheerat.

But to keep him cute, Kheerat asks Sharon to keep their relationship calm.

EastEnders spoilers tonight
Will Mo change her mind about leaving Walford? (Image credit: BBC)

Move on?

And is it time to say goodbye to a Walford icon while Mo leaves?

The Wheeler dealer explains that she was invited to cruise with Fat Elvis, but declined the offer.

Jean asks why she would turn down such an opportunity and Mo admits it’s up to her.

She says she knows something is wrong with Jean and she is too worried to leave.

But will Jean change her mind?

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