What’s going on Monday, May 31, 2021

Emmerdale spoilers for tonight tease Kim’s plans to expose someone who played around with her mind. Leanna takes subtle steps against Billy and Leyla, who feel threatened by Bernice.

Emmerdale spoilers tonight:

Kim is determined to flush out her poison mixer (Credit: ITV)

Kim is on a mission

After weeks of worrying about being sick or losing her mind, Kim has never felt so astute, now she knows she was being played.

Determined to flush out anyone who has tried to ruin her, Kim has organized a formal event Lunch on the home farm.

The smart businesswoman invited all the suspects, all confused as to why they were called.

Kim pretends to be still confused and foggy when she answers her questions.

When everyone is seated, Kim drops a bomb: her declares that she is stepping down from the business – and must appoint a successor.

As she had hoped, the argument among her guests begins.

Kim then gives another speech that she is sure will turn off her poison mixer …

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Emmerdale spoilers tonight
Liam and Bernice’s race to catch up is a little too warm for Leyla’s taste (Credit: ITV)

Leyla is jealous

Elsewhere in the village, wedding preparations for Liam and Leyla are in full swing after another wedding has been canceled.

But Leyla’s side has a thorn in the shape of Bernice and she is unhappy that her husband catches up with his ex at the Woolpack.

She scolds Bernice for overshadowing her happiness with Liam … but does the hairdresser plan to win him back?

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Emmerdale spoilers tonight
What does Leanna have in store for Billy? (Photo credit: ITV)

Leanna’s plan again

It seems Leanna is keeping an eye on Billy as she sows some seeds by moaning at the lack of attention she recently received from Jacob.

Will he bite despite the age difference?

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Emmerdale will air tonight (May 31st) at 7pm on ITV.

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