What’s happening in the EastEnders tonight? Do Ben and Callum break up?

EastEnders faces a clash with Emmerdale tonight as the two battle it out. So what’s on the square to catch you?

Callum is suggested by another man – with all his insecurities that Ben is seething beneath the surface, will he be tempted to cheat?

Meanwhile, the episodes of the Baby Daddy drama continue as Zack gets Jada to open up about who she is exactly and what’s going on.

Mick also wants answers from Nancy and Kim is shocked by the news from Pearl.

EastEnders Tonight: Callum Cheating On Ben?

Is Callum tempted by Ben? (Image credit: BBC)

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Callum has been struggling lately after meeting one of Ben’s exes last week. Ben confessed how many exes he had and now he knows Cal is concerned.

He knows Ben has been with far more men than he has, and that makes him insecure.

The Prince Albert has a night of gay icons and although Ben is busy meeting up with Kheerat, he encourages Callum to go and have some fun.

It gets hot when a flirtatious guy approaches Callum and gives him his number.

Callum doesn’t tell Ben, however, which obviously means Ben can find it in his pocket. Ben feels betrayed and upset, but has Callum actually done something wrong?

Is Callum going to cheat on Ben? And are these cracks the start of the guys on the road to Splitsville?

Who is the baby dad?

Jada wants to take her baby home with her (Credit: BBC)

We now know that Denny is the father of the baby abandoned on Sharon’s doorstep, not Zack or Martin.

However, Zack wants answers and follows the baby’s mother, Jada, to the cafe, where he encourages her to open up.

She admits she can’t take care of Alyssa, but can Zack persuade her?

Nancy opens up

Can Mick help Nancy overcome her jealousy? (Image credit: BBC)

Mick wants to know exactly what’s going on with Nancy and she finally opens up.

She reveals that she’s jealous of him and Frankie and their closeness, especially since the crash.

Will Mick calm her down?

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Kim gets shock messages

Kim is stunned by a phone call from school telling her Pearl has behavior problems. She has a meeting with Pearl’s teacher who explains that Pearl is smart.

Pearl misbehaves because she needs more challenge, which makes Kim even more determined than ever to send her daughter to a private school.

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