What’s happening in the EastEnders tonight? Kat plans to go

EastEnders spoilers for tonight reveal that Kat has had enough of Stacey and Jean’s argument, and so she plans to leave.

Kat will give her roommates an ultimatum, but will it work?

Elsewhere, Liam is at the mercy of Janine’s grace, but if it means betraying his sister, can he really pull it off?

And Isaac tries to get Kim to make sense of private schools.

All this and more in the EastEnders spoilers for Thursday November 11th.

Kat is fed up with arguing (Image: BBC)

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Kat is threatening to leave

With Jean and Stacey arguing about missing Eve, Kat is fed up.

Determined to either stop their bickering or get away with it, Kat threatens them with a threat: If they don’t stop fighting, she will move in with Phil.

Will it be enough to get Stacey and Jean to stop their feuds and work together to find Eve? And what will Phil say about his new roommate?

Will Liam betray Tiffany? (Credit: BBC)

Liam betrays Tiffany?

Liam helps Tiffany book a hen party, but when he comes across car keys in a drunken girl’s coat, he has an idea.

He quickly agrees to be the bare butler of the group, but what is he really planning?

Later in the day he brings Janine into his plan and she likes his thinking. To make his idea more permanent, she suggests stealing cars from Tiff’s partygoers.

Liam doesn’t feel like betraying his sister, but he knows that this will quickly get him the money he needs. Can he live with himself if he approves Janine’s conspiracy?

Only the best is enough for Pearl (Credit: BBC)

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Kim wants private school

Kim is determined that Pearl must go to private school. Teacher Isaac wants to make it clear to her that private schools are not the only way to give Pearl the best possible education.

Kim won’t budge, however, and vows to somehow raise the funds.

She soon decides to set up an online donation page for her followers to donate to. Will Kim make the money she needs?

The aftermath of the baby daddy’s exposure also continues, but will Sharon agree to raise her granddaughter?

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