What’s happening on Coronation Street in 2021?

Coronation Street is known for its gripping storylines. What’s happening on Coronation Street in 2021?

Soap maker Iain MacLeod has been teasing what’s to come in the new year.

What’s happening on Coronation Street in 2021?


On the final episode of Corrie (Thursday December 31st), Faye confessed to her brother Gary and sister-in-law Maria that she had attacked Adam Barlow.

She believed Adam was Ray. Faye previously worked for Ray, but he made her sleep with him.

Then he forced himself on her in the bistro before Adam was attacked. When Faye requested that he stop, Ray continued.

He didn’t give up until Gary walked into the restaurant.

Adam was attacked by Faye (Credit: ITV)

Later in the bistro, Adam was attacked. However, Faye was the one who hit him over the head believing he was her boss.

As Iain spoke about the next steps for Faye, he told Entertainment Daily and other media outlets, “What follows is this story of this kind of troubled young girl who has been subjected to a terrible ordeal by Ray Really conflicted situation where she knows she has done something terrible, feels tremendously guilty.

Coronation Street rape Faye and Ray
Ray sexually assaulted Faye (Image credit: ITV)

“But the people around her, when they find out what she’s done, they feel ‘good, in fact you are the unjust party here, you are the victim here.’

“So they set a sequence of events in which they try to protect them from the standards of justice and keep them away from the police and keep them away from the court.”

Iain also revealed that Ray is “becoming increasingly desperate” to get off the hook over the sexual assault on Faye. And he will try to get his construction project going.

What’s next for Yasmeen?

On Christmas Day, viewers saw Yasmeen getting visions of her abusive husband Geoff, who died last month.

But it looks like this won’t be the last time we’ll see Geoff.

Speaking of whether Geoff will still have Yasmeen and Elaine under control, he said, “Geoff’s shadow will remain over her for some time. We’ll literally see Geoff a few more times.

Geoff died last month (Credit: ITV)

“So don’t worry, the conspiracy theories on Twitter aren’t true, it’s not like he’s really coming back from the dead.

“But in fact we have some clever dramatic devices that use Ian Bartholomew’s considerable talent, and we’ll see them play out at the start of the new year.

“So if you climb to see Geoff again, you’ll get your wish in a clever, psychological story for Yasmeen.

Geoff’s shadow remains over Yasmeen (Image credit: ITV)

“It’s an incredibly psychologically rich place that Yasmeen is in. We wanted to make sure that was the end of the movie. In reality, such trials go on for a long time for people like Yasmeen.

He added that Elaine will play a “crucial role” in Yasmeen’s continued recovery.

Will Carla and Peter get back together?

During the 60th anniversary week it became known that Carla slept with Peter’s nephew Adam. Devastated, Peter turned to drink.

However, it looks like he’s now suffering from liver failure after many years of battling alcohol addiction.

Of the story, Iain said, “You will always stay in love.

“I think the aftermath of the age of 60 will probably be the greatest task for Peter personally in terms of his mental wellbeing. His physical well-being will hit an all-time low.

Peter’s liver fails (Image credit: ITV)

“But in relation to his relationship with Carla, the intent to make this story has always been for both of them to make a terrible mistake. In Carla’s case it was Adam and in Peter’s case it hit the bottle again.

“So they both make big mistakes. But actually they come out on the other side stronger than ever before. So this is supposed to be the final acid test of this relationship. “

A love story for Nina Lucas

Iain also announced that it will be a big year for Roy’s niece, Nina Lucas. The teenager will be involved in a “unique” love story.

About the story, Iain said, “There will be an amazing and unique love story for her that may not end quite where you might expect it now.

There will be a love story for Nina (Credit: ITV)

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“I think if you sat there and took the bookies down and bet how their love story might play out, it probably won’t be like we did.

There will be a fantastic and unique love story for her.

“I hope it will be pleasantly surprising in the long run.”

A social story

“But essentially the love story becomes a massive social themed story that deals with things like tolerance towards people who are part of minority communities and who don’t look like everyone else.

“I think it’s going to be a real talking point for next year and how does the world see people like Nina in reality?

“When they’re on Coronation Street, all of our characters take them under their wing and the audience has taken them to heart. But in reality, in the real world, when you don’t look like everyone else it can be incredibly challenging at times.

Roy becomes involved in Nina’s story (Credit: ITV)

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“So we’re going to explore this a little on the show for a heartbreaking effect, I hope. And it will also turn into a story that casts a spell over Roy, Abi and Kevin and becomes a huge, emotional community story with some of our favorite actors right in the middle. “

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