What’s next after Johnny dies and Natasha is shot?

Coronation Street character Johnny died on today’s episodes (Friday October 22nd) while Natasha was shot dead by Harvey, but what will happen next?

In the scenes tonight, Johnny went into the sinkhole to try to save his ex-wife, Jenny. However, both ended up trapped.

Soon Shona decided to go down the manhole on the street with a rope to try to save her.

Shona managed to find a way to help them and sent the rope to try to pull them both through to her so they could climb out of the manhole.

Johnny died (Image: ITV)

But it became clear that Johnny wasn’t feeling right. Before going to Shona, Jenny and Johnny shared a kiss.

Shona managed to help Jenny and pull her through the underwater tunnel.

When she got through, she looked through the hole and saw that Johnny wasn’t moving. However, Johnny began to hear the voice of his late son Aidan.

Through the tunnel, Jenny told Johnny that she loved him and he told her he loved her too before letting go and going under the water.

Natasha was shot and killed by Harvey (Image: ITV)

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Meanwhile, Harvey came back out on the street and broke into Leanne’s apartment. He looked around and saw a woman with a black wig running to the door.

He shot her thinking it was Leanne. However, when Nick got to the apartment, he was horrified to find that Natasha, the mother of his son Sam, had been shot.

It is not known if Natasha will survive. But what’s next for the residents of Coronation Street?

What’s next week on Coronation Street?

In the next week’s scenes, Simon blames himself for the destruction Harvey caused.

Meanwhile, residents stagger from the traumatic events while Leo brings the news to David that the disaster would never have happened if they had repaired the sinkhole sooner.

David feels awful about the sinkhole (Image credit: ITV)

Another tragedy is coming soon.

When angry local residents confront David about the sinkhole, an embarrassed David admits that he should have done the repairs earlier.

What’s next for Richard Hawley?

Richard Hawley has played Johnny Connor since 2015. About his next move, Richard said, “I will be training and volunteering at a forest school in Lymley Woods near where I live.

“We will collect donations and start a pilot project around play, mental health and nature, primarily for children.

Richard Hawley Revealed What’s Next After Leaving The Show (Credit: ITV)

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“I hope to do a documentary about it, we’ll spend a year setting it all up.

“It’s something I’m really looking forward to.

“I’ll be doing some acting on the side, but the Forest School Association is something very close to my heart, especially to get kids moving again after the last 18 months.”

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