What’s next for Corey when a homeless man is spotted with his backpack?

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Nina and Asha are finding vital evidence against Corey, but will it be enough to prove he killed Seb?

On today’s episode of Corrie, Abi was fired from the police station when Roy told police he didn’t see she threatened Corey’s life.

Abi and Kevin returned to Weatherfield when she said she had to get her cell phone charger.

Corey killed Abi’s son Seb (Image: ITV)

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Kevin asked why she was searching the trash can and she said he put it in the trash can on it. But it was clear that she was looking for something else.

Soon two homeless men were shown sleeping near the trash cans, and one appeared to have a bag from Weatherfield County. Could it be Coreys?

Coronation Street spoilers: Nina and Asha find vital evidence against Corey

In next week’s scenes, Asha sees Stu carrying a Weatherfield County backpack.

When he reveals that he found it in the river, Asha is certain that it is Coreys from the night of the attack. She chases Stu, but he escapes.

Asha and Nina decided to track down Stu, knowing that he might be their only chance to prove Corey’s guilt once and for all.

Asha and Nina track down Stu (Image: ITV)

Asha and Nina get little joy from the police and take a picture of Stu from the store’s video surveillance. They show it to Billy, who confirms that he is a regular in the soup kitchen.

Offers to help out in the soup kitchen, hoping to find Stu, but none of the girls notice he heard every word.

Sean later offers to help Asha and Nina find Stu by introducing her to his friend Carol.

She suggests speaking to some of the riverside homeless people, but is furious when she sees them rummaging through Stu’s belongings.

Nina asks Stu for help

Nina asks Stu for help (Image: ITV)

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When Asha and Nina go home, they discover Stu. Nina bites the bullet and tells Stu that they need his help.

She explains how Corey’s backpack could prove he killed Seb. However, Stu firmly believes he doesn’t want to be involved and hurries away, leaving the girls disappointed.

Nina takes Asha’s hand and tells her that she is ready to try their relationship again, which leaves Asha excited.

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