What’s the next big series?

The drowning came to a dramatic conclusion tonight (Thursday February 4) on Channel 5. So what are the top TV dramas emerging in 2021 to replace it?

There’s James Nesbitt’s new drama Bloodlands on BBC One and the true crime thriller Four Lives – and many others.

Here’s our rundown of everyone to watch out for!

Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar in Unforgotten, one of the top TV dramas of 2021 (Photo credit: ITV)

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Top TV Dramas in 2021: Line of Duty, BBC One

The sixth season of Line of Duty has got to be one of the most anticipated TV series of all time!

It should be broadcast in March / April.

This time we’ll get an extra episode – seven instead of six – and AC-12 will be accompanied by newcomer Shalom Brune-Franklin, who plays DC Chloe Bishop.

Kelly Macdonald also joins the cast – but is she a bent copper?

Unforgettable on ITV1

BAFTA nominated actors Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar repeat their roles as DCI Cassie Stuart and DI Sunny Khan in the fourth series of Unforgotten.

The new six-part series shows a new investigation into another emotionally charged murder case.

The fourth series begins with the discovery of a dismembered body in a junkyard that the team believes has been stored in a home freezer for 30 years.

A unique Millwall Football Club tattoo results in the victim being identified as Matthew Walsh, a young man in his mid-twenties who went missing in March 1990.

The team quickly follows up on Robert Fogerty’s purchase of the freezer, but they are disappointed to learn he recently died a lonely, broken man.

As they look further into his past, they discover a drink that drives conviction the same night their victim, Matthew Walsh, disappeared.

Interestingly, there were four passengers in the car with him at this point.

The main cast is accompanied by TV veteran Sheila Hancock from New Tricks and Susan Lynch, the star of Killing Eve.

It returns in February.

James Nesbitt in Bloodlands
James Nesbitt stars in the dark drama Bloodlands (Image credit: BBC One)

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Top TV Dramas in 2021: Bloodlands, BBC One

James Nesbitt plays a Northern Irish detective looking for an assassin in Bloodlands on BBC One – due to airing in late February / early March.

Advanced hype about the series says it could be the next bodyguard.

So Jed Mercurio, Executive of Line of Duty producing, promises to be decent.

The official trailer just fell this week (see below).

McDonald & Dodds, ITV1

The unlikely duo return for a second series of crime fiction in Bath.

Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins repeat their roles as the clever and ambitious DCI McDonald and the humble and quietly brilliant DS Dodds in three new crime novels.

They are joined by guest actors Saira Choudhry, Rosie Day, Nitin Ganatra and Sarah Parish.

The series is scheduled to air in late February or early March.

McDonald & Dodds on ITV
McDonald & Dodds is returning to ITV very soon (Image credit: ITV)

Your Honor, Sky Atlantic

Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad stars in this series based on an Israeli series called Kvodo.

What follows is the story of Judge Michael Desiato after his son killed another young man in a hit-and-run.

The problem is that the deceased is the son of New Orleans crime boss Jimmy Baxter.

This incident “leads to a high-stakes game of lies, cheating and impossible choices” as Desiato tries to protect his son.

Your honor will be broadcast in spring 2021.

Top TV dramas in 2021: Innocent, ITV1

ITV drama Innocent returns for a second series, telling a brand new detective story about the murder of a teenager.

Katherine Kelly stars as Sally Wright, a schoolteacher who is embroiled in a scandal.

It is believed that she had an affair with her 16-year-old student Matty Taylor.

When he is found dead, brutally stabbed to death with a broken cider bottle, the suspicion falls on Sally, who admitted that she was particularly interested in the boy.

Professor T, ITV1

Ben Miller plays the “eccentric but brilliant” professor of criminology, Professor Jasper Tempest, who helps the police.

The six-part series was filmed on location in Belgium and Cambridge.

Professor T is a tortured academic with obsessive-compulsive disorder who reluctantly acts as a police advisor when a woman is violently assaulted on campus.

Based on the Belgian series of the same name.

Professor T on ITV, Ben Miller
Professor T plays Ben Miller as an eccentric academic (Credit: ITV)

Manhunt II: The Night Stalker, ITV1

Martin Clunes will return as DCI Colin Sutton for the new series of ITV drama Manhunt.

The new series is called Manhunt II: The Night Stalker.

It’s a sequel to the 2019 drama in which DCI Sutton pursued serial killer Levi Bellfield.

Manhunt II: The Night Stalker is a four-part dramatization of the persecution of a notorious serial rapist by the police.

His 17-year reign of terror left thousands of elderly people in south east London living in fear.

The program is based on Colin Sutton’s diaries.

Four lives, BBC one

Sheridan Smith and Stephen Merchant record the gritty story of The Barking Murders.

Stephen Merchant transforms into the real-life serial killer Stephen Port in BBC One’s upcoming factual drama Four Lives.

The series tells the terrible case from the perspective of the families of the four victims of Stephen Port and their struggle for justice.

The police investigations were widely criticized at the time.

Sheridan Smith plays Sarah Sak, the mother of the 23-year-old victim Anthony Walgate.

Jaime Winstone and Daniel Ryan also star.

Stephen Port is a former Southend chef who raped and killed four men between 2014 and 2015.

He met his victims through dating and connection apps and used drugs like GHB to calm them down.

We recently reported that Four Lives may be delayed.

COVID has postponed an investigation into the death of the four men.

The series can only be shown after the legal proceedings have been concluded.

Stephen Merchant in Four Lives on BBC One
Stephen Merchant in Four Lives, a dramatization of the Barking Murders (Photo credit: BBC One)

The Yorkshire Ripper on ITV1

An ITV Yorkshire Ripper drama from the makers of Des and White House Farm is in the works.

ITV has confirmed a six-part drama with the working title The Yorkshire Ripper.

The program will feature one of the most infamous and shocking serial killer cases in the world.

In total, Peter Sutcliffe killed 13 and attempted to kill seven more.

The police searched for Peter Sutcliffe from October 1975 until his capture in January 1981.

It became the largest manhunt in British criminal history.

The series will focus on Sutcliffe’s desperate cat-and-mouse hunt and the lives of his victims.

No cast members have been announced for The Yorkshire Ripper yet.

ITV drama boss Polly Hill said ITV would “sensitively” dramatize the case.

Mansfield Murderers, Sky Atlantic and NOW TV

Olivia Colman portrays the murderess Susan Edwards, who murdered her own parents in 1998.

Susan is currently behind bars for 25 years for killing her reclusive mother and father and burying them in her garden in Blenheim Close.

This four-part crime drama follows the shocking actions of the twin murderer Susan and her husband Christopher.

Susan and Christopher Edwards shot Patricia and William Wycherley to claim their money.

The couple were finally found guilty in 2014.

John Sims stars in Grace
John Simm plays Detective Superintendent Roy Grace alongside DS Glenn Branson from Richie Campbell (Image Credit: ITV1)

Grace, ITV

Life on Mars actor John Simm plays the title Detective Superintendent, a worried man obsessed with the disappearance of his beloved wife.

His personal problems at home are gradually affecting his already unorthodox approach to policing.

Liar and top boy star Richie Campbell plays buddy DS Glenn Branson in the Brighton-based drama.

Shetland’s Rakie Ayola also plays ACC Vosper.

Adapted from the Roy Grace bestselling novels by Peter James.

Top TV Dramas 2021: Too Close, ITV

Too Close plays Emily Watson from Chernobyl as forensic psychiatrist Emma Robinson.

Her job is to investigate a suspect, Connie, who claims she can’t remember anything.

But Emma soon falls victim to Connie’s manipulative nature.

Olivier Prize winner Denise Gough plays Connie.

The three-part series is based on the novel by Clara Salaman, which was written under the pseudonym Natalie Daniels.

The drama is scheduled to air in early 2021.

Baptiste, Shetland, Vera, all creatures big and small, Gentleman Jack, Call the Midwife, Doc Martin, The Syndicate, Silent Witness and Grantchester are also returning in 2021 – but many have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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