When did Caroline Aherne die? What did she die of? Why was she alone?

The life and work of beloved comedian Caroline Aherne is set to be celebrated in a new BBC One documentary – but when did Caroline Aherne die?

What did she die of? And how old was she at the time of her death?

The actress and writer was known for her comedic roles, including Mrs Merton and Denise Royle in The Royle Family.

Everything you need to know is here.

Caroline Aherne’s career to be celebrated in a new BBC One documentary (Image Credit: BBC One)

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Caroline Aherne career: what is she famous for?

Writer and performer Caroline is probably best known for her role in The Royle Family and also as Mrs. Merton.

Her first television appearances were as Ms. Merton in a biannual spot on the Granada TV discussion show Upfront in 1990.

She appeared briefly in The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer in 1993, and with Steve Coogan and John Thomson in a Granada TV pilot called The Dead Good Shows.

She became known in 1994 as her created character Mrs. Merton on the mock chat show The Mrs. Merton Show by her married name, Caroline Hook.

The guests were real celebrities who were the subject of their scathing joke …

Who could forget she asked Debbie McGee, “So what first attracted you to millionaire Paul Daniels?”

The series ran in various formats from 1994 to 1997 and won a BAFTA for Best Chat Show in 1997.

The Ms. Merton character later received a sitcom, Ms. Merton and Malcolm, with their “mummy boy” son, played by co-writer Craig Cash.

Between 1994 and 1997, Caroline appeared on and wrote for the BBC comedy series The Fast Show.

One of her most notable figures was the ‘Chanel 9 Neus’ meteorologist Poula’ Scorchio! ‘ Fish.

Her last on-screen appearance was on the Sky One show After Hours, where she was reunited with Craig Cash, who produced and directed the show.

She played Sheila in two episodes in 2015.

The Royle family

Her most popular creation by far has to be the sitcom The Royle Family, which she co-created and written with Cash.

The program ran from 1998 to 2000 for three series with Ricky Tomlinson and Sue Johnston.

In 2020, Caroline Aherne said the Royle family would end after a Christmas special in December 2000 and that she would not appear on TV again, although she would continue to write.

Her last role was as the narrator for the Channel 4 comedy reality series Gogglebox.

BBC's Caroline Aherne pays tribute to the late comedian (Credit: BBC One)
BBC’s Caroline Aherne pays tribute to the late comedian, but when did Caroline Aherne die? (Image credit: BBC One)

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When did she die? Why was she alone when she died?

Caroline tragically died on July 2, 2016 at her Timperley home.

At the time, her Royle Family co-star and boyfriend Ricky Tomlinson said, “Her death was the greatest shock in the world. It hit me for six. “

Ricky knew Caroline was sick but believed she was recovering.

In fact, Caroline died alone, few family members and close friends knew that she was terminally ill.

Ricky said, “I was so shocked. It was absolutely wonderful and amazing to work for her. Kind, funny, witty.

“A true professional and one of the most generous people I’ve ever worked with.”

What did Caroline Aherne die of?

Caroline died after battling lung cancer.

She publicly announced that she was fighting lung cancer with the Macmillan Cancer Improvement Partnership in 2014.

However, she later refused to bring her loved ones through the torments she had endured.

When the cancer returned, she told only a handful of her closest friends that she had between three and twelve months to live.

Unfortunately, she died only two months later.

Caroline had previously battled bladder cancer and a rare retinal cancer.

She also struggled with depression and alcoholism and had attempted suicide in July 1998.

The Royle family played Craig Cash as Dave Best, Caroline Aherne as Denise Best, Sue Johnston as Barbara Royle, Liz Smith as (Nana) Norma Speakman, and Jessica Hynes as Cheryl Carroll (Photo Credit: BBC One).
The Royle family starred in Craig Cash, Caroline Aherne, Sue Johnston, Liz Smith and Jessica Hynes (Photo Credit: BBC One).

How old was Caroline when she died?

Caroline was just 52 years old when she died.

She was born on Christmas Eve 1963 in Ealing, London.

Her funeral was a private service for her close family and friends in her hometown of Manchester.

Many of the Royle Family cast and crew were in attendance, and Craig Cash, who played her husband Dave on-screen, gave a speech.

It took place on July 14, 2016.

Was Caroline Aherne married?

Caroline was previously married to New Order bassist Peter Hook.

They married in 1994 but divorced three years later in 1997.

During their marriage, he appeared on their TV series The Mrs Merton Show as the director of Hooky & the Boys, the show’s house band.

She was single at the time of her death.

Caroline Aherne starred on the Fast Show (Photo credit: BBC One)
Caroline Aherne starred alongside Paul Whitehouse on the Fast Show (Image Credit: BBC One)

Did she have children?

Caroline Aherne had no children.

As a single woman with no children and not making a will, her estate was inherited by her closest relatives.

This was her mother, to whom she was very close.

Who replaced Caroline at Googlebox?

Caroline told Gogglebox about its conception in 2013.

Craig Cash filled in when she got sick and took on the role permanently in April 2016.

Caroline Aherne at the BBC

Cold Feet star John Thomson pays tribute to the late comedian in this special BBC One documentary.

Almost show fans will know he was Roy to their Renee.

This celebration for comedy writer and actress Caroline highlights highlights of her work for the BBC.

These include The Mrs Merton Show and The Royle Family.

Caroline Aherne on the BBC will be broadcast on Tuesday, March 9th, 2021 at 9 p.m. on BBC One.

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