When did Laurel’s alcohol addiction start?

Emmerdale character Laurel has struggled with alcohol addiction for the past few years. But when did their fight begin?

In the aftermath of tonight (Wednesday January 13th) Laurel and Jai celebrated their new relationship with Meena and David.

When Meena tried to get Laurel to have a drink with her, she declined her offer.

Meena thought Laurel was pregnant, but Laurel told her she was recovering from her alcohol addiction.

Laurel told Meena about her addiction (Credit: ITV)

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Laurel accidentally took a sip of an alcoholic cocktail and mistook it for her orange juice.

But Jai assured Laurel that it was an accident.

When did Laurel’s battle against addiction begin?

Emmerdale: When did Laurel’s alcohol addiction start?

In 2014 Laurel married Marlon Dingle. Donna Windsor, Marlon’s ex and mother to his daughter April, died that same year.

Laurel eventually kissed her ex-husband Ashley and discovered that Marlon kissed Donna when she was still alive.

The stress of it all began to weigh on Laurel and she began to drink.

In the end, she lost her job at the factory and tried to keep her alcoholism a secret from Marlon and her father Doug.

Laurel was fired from the factory (Credit: ITV)

Things took a terrible turn, however, when Laurel added vodka to her orange juice, which April finished drinking. She took the little girl to the hospital, but manipulated her not to tell Marlon that it happened.

A few weeks later, Marlon found that she hadn’t stopped drinking when she choked on her own vomit and had to be rushed to the hospital.

While she was recovering in the hospital, April told him about the orange juice incident.

But it got worse. When Marlon confronted Laurel, he gave her some harsh home truths which resulted in her slapping him in the face.

Laurel beat Marlon (Image credit: ITV)

It turned out that Laurel had loosened Marlon’s retina in his eye when she hit him and led him to the hospital.

Later, in a drunk state, she ran over Marlon’s dog, Daisy. After he kicked her out, she soon began sleeping with a man after a one night stand, which resulted in her contracting an STI.

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get help

Laurel eventually got help after she had a major breakdown and admitted that she was an alcoholic for Ashley.

In 2018, her addiction was revisited after an argument with her secret lover, Bob. She grabbed a bottle of whiskey and considered drinking again.

However, she has managed to stay sober in recent years.

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