When did Marlon and Rhona have a relationship?

Emmerdale characters Rhona and Marlon have tried to revive their relationship. But when did they have a relationship before?

Exes Marlon and Rhona have grown closer over the past few weeks.

After spending the New Year together, they both found they felt for each other again.

On tonight’s episode (Tuesday January 12), Marlon felt awful when he realized he’d messed up his date with Rhona and had to cancel.

Marlon forgot his date with Rhona (Credit: ITV)

But when were Marlon and Rhona together? and with whom else did they have relationships?

Emmerdale: A Story of Rhona and Marlon

Rhona first performed in Emmerdale from 2001 to 2002. However, in 2010 she returned to the village.

Rhona developed feelings for Paddy when she was with Marlon (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

Rhona and Marlon had a brief date, but she soon got feelings for his best friend Paddy.

She and Paddy started dating, but shortly after their relationship, the vet discovered that she was pregnant with Marlon’s baby.

Marlon was thrilled to find out he was going to be a father. But when he found out about Rhona and Paddy, he decided he didn’t want to be part of the child’s life.

Rhona, Paddy and Marlon have all remained friends and are raising Leo together (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

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Rhona later discovered that her unborn baby had Down syndrome. Rhona decided to continue her pregnancy, and eventually Marlon accepted the relationship between Paddy and Rhona.

The three have all remained friends, even though Rhona and Paddy have split up.

Who else have Marlon and Rhona dated?

Rhona and Paddy married in 2012, but divorced a few years later.

Rhona developed an addiction to pain medication and began using her friend Vanessa to provide her with drugs.

Pierce raped Rhona (Image credit: ITV)

Vanessa developed feelings for Rhona, but soon found out that Rhona was using her. But despite everything, the two friends stayed.

In 2016 she got into a relationship with Pierce Harris. The two got engaged and married in 2017.

On their wedding day, the newlyweds got into an argument over moving, and Pierce raped Rhona.

Finally he went to jail. However, he returned later …

Rhona was in a relationship with Pete Barton between 2018 and 2019.

Graham was killed by Pierce (Credit: ITV)

They broke off their engagement, however, and Rhona began dating Graham Foster.

Last year Rhona and Graham wanted to move to France with their son Leo. But the night they were supposed to leave, Graham was killed by Pierce, who had recently been released from prison.

Rhona has remained single since Graham’s death.

Jessie was Marlon’s fourth wife (Credit: ITV)

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Marlon has now been married four times. Following his relationship with Rhona, Marlon married Laurel Thomas in 2014 and Jessie Grant in 2018.

He also had a relationship with Carly Hope between his marriage to Laurel and Jessie.

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