When did Noel Fielding join Bake Off and what is his net worth?

Noel Fielding is an English comedian and presenter who has been around for more than a decade.

The 48-year-old comic is best known for his bake off hosting chores these days, but his career has spanned stand-up comedy, acting, and the arts.

Here we take a look at Noel Fielding’s rise to fame, his personal life, and more below.

When did Noel Fielding first become famous?

Noel made a name for himself as a stand-up comedian in London in the 1990s.

It wasn’t until his comedy troupe The Mighty Boosh landed their own TV show that he became famous.

The Mighty Boosh aired on BBC Three from 2004 to 2007 and gained worldwide recognition.

Its predecessor, The Boosh, aired on Radio 4 in 2001.

Noel Fielding is famous for The Mighty Boosh and Great British Bake Off (Image credit: SplashNews)

The Mighty Boosh consisted of Noel and Julian Barratt. It earned a cult following around the world and was known for its black and irreverent humor.

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After the success of the series, Noel had roles in various television series. These included The IT Crowd, AD: BC A Rock Opera, and Dawn French’s Boys Who Do Comedy.

Who is Noel Fielding married to? All children?

Noel has a long-term relationship with radio DJ Lliana Bird, 39. They have been together since 2010 but they are not believed to be married.

Noel Fielding with longtime partner Lliana Bird (Image credit: SplashNews)

She currently presents on Radio X and is a co-founder of the charity Help Refugees.

They share two children, daughters Dali (about three) and Iggy (born 2020).

What is the net worth of Noel Fielding?

According to Noel, Noel is valued at around $ 6 million CelebrityNetWorth.

At the current exchange rate this is around GBP 4.2 million.

Still images from the reality TV series "The great British are baking"
Noel Fielding while baking (Image credit: SplashNews)

When did Noel come to Bake Off?

Channel 4 announced that Noel would join Bake Off as a presenter after the show switched from BBC One.

He hosted with Sandi Toksvig and later with Matt Lucas.

Has Noel finished Bake Off?

Noel didn’t finish Bake Off. He was missing from the 2020 Christmas Special, however, because he was on paternity leave after his partner Lliana gave birth to their second child.

But Sandi decided to leave Bake Off last year, and Little Britain comedian Matt Lucas replaced her.

Noel Fielding artwork
Noel is a talented artist too (Credit: SplashNews)

Is Noel an artist?

Yes, Noel is a man of many talents, and that includes painting. He has exhibited and sold his paintings for Saatchi Art and Don’t Walk Away Gallery.

In fact, there are artworks by Noel currently available for £ 12,000 and up.

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As early as 2007, he expressed concern about exhibiting his art over a London pastry shop.

Speak with The independent oneHe said, “I know people want me to have an exhibit because they like the boosh, but I’ve decided that it should be small somewhere so the pressure isn’t that big.

“I thought maybe I should have done it anonymously. I thought of calling myself Jelly Fox and wearing some kind of armor so no one would know who I am. “

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