When did Robert Sugden leave Emmerdale? Why did Ryan Hawley quit?


Emmerdale viewers were disappointed when village darling Robert Sugden left in November 2019 – why did actor Ryan Hawley leave the show?

And could he go back now?

There is feverish speculation that he might return after the revelation last night (Friday June 4th) that he may not have been responsible for the murder of rapist Lee Posner.

Robert’s fate was sealed when he was sentenced to life imprisonment of at least 14 years for Posner’s death, who died from a single blow to the head.

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Emmerdale Robert
Will Robert Sugden return to Emmerdale after Luke’s confession? (Photo credit: ITV)

But last night, Posner’s brother Luke admitted that he hit him and knocked him unconscious that same day. Could it be his fault?

His mother, Wendy, wants Luke to tell his friend Victoria, who was raped by Posner. After he refuses, will she do the right thing behind his back – and free Robert?

Emmerdale Robert
Little did Aaron know this would be the last moment he would see his husband Robert (Image Credit: ITV)

Ryan Hawley’s last appearance as Robert Sugden in Emmerdale

Robert’s last scene in Emmerdale was a bittersweet moment when husband Aaron visited him in prison.

Aaron thought they would keep their relationship alive with regular visits and contact, but Robert was hiding something big.

In reality, Robert had found out that he was being transferred to an Isle of Wight prison.

He knew that an occasional visit to Aaron wasn’t fair and wanted him to get on with his life.

But Robert sat across from his husband and couldn’t bring himself to end things face to face.

Instead, Robert imposed a moratorium on all visitors that they learned about his stepmother, Diane.

The reality was that they would never see him again.

But with the latest news, things could change and the path would be clear for Robert to return …

Why did Ryan Hawley leave Emmerdale?

At the time of the actor’s departure, an ITV representative said, “He has decided to take a break from the show and try other projects for the foreseeable future.”

It’s pretty normal for actors playing longtime characters to take a rest and make a comeback. And there’s a little hint in the word ‘pause’ … keep your fingers crossed!

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