When did they meet?

Brian Packham and Cathy Matthews are a famous couple from Coronation Street. But when did they both arrive for the first time and when did they get together?

Brian and Cathy on Coronation Street: When did you first arrive?

Brian made his first appearance with Corrie in April 2010. He was one of the teachers at Daisyfield High School who interviewed Colin Fishwick for a teaching job.

But he hardly knew that Colin was actually John Stape. John stole Colin’s identity to teach what he couldn’t after an affair with his student Rosie Webster.

Brian was in a relationship with Julie (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

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He became a more permanent character when he started dating Eileen Grimshaw’s half-sister, Julie Carp

Meanwhile, Cathy didn’t first make an appearance until April 2015 when she befriended Roy Cropper.

After her husband’s death, Cathy became a compulsive hoarder and Roy helped her with her addiction.

Cathy and Roy were about to get married (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

Cathy and Roy began a relationship and were even supposed to get married. But shortly before the wedding, Cathy found out that Roy was not sure and ended their relationship at the altar.

However, the two agreed to remain close friends.

Brian is played by Peter Gunn and Cathy from Melanie Hill.

Your relationship

In 2017, Cathy started falling in love with Brian but didn’t want to react knowing that Brian and Roy were close friends.

After Cathy fell ill after a night in Brian’s shoes, she believed that he would never treat her like that. But she was pleasantly surprised when he admitted his feelings for her.

The couple began to secretly meet and use # 6 as a place of intimacy. However, this annoyed owner # 6 and Cathy’s friend Yasmeen, her grandson Zeedan, and his then-wife Rana.

Cathy developed feelings for Roy’s boyfriend Brian (Image Credit: ITV / Shutterstock)

Yasmeen encouraged Cathy to go public about her and Brian’s relationship.

However, they later used Roy’s apartment when he was watching bat. But Zeedan spotted Roy on the street and cleverly convinced him to return to his apartment, knowing that Cathy and Brian were in there.

Roy soon caught her, but remained friends with Cathy and Brian.

Brian and Cathy run the cabin together (Image credit: ITV)

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In 2018, Brian and Cathy decided to move in together because they were concerned about how Roy would react. But he responded well when he wanted Carla to move into Brian’s room.

Brian, Cathy and Cathy’s nephew Alex Warner moved to Coronation Street 12.

In 2019, Brian bought The Kabin Newsagent and runs it with Cathy.

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