When does a new dating show start?

Sexy Beasts is a brand new dating show on Netflix – and it’s already a topic of conversation.

The upcoming new series has taken social media by storm and viewers are dying to see what all the fuss is about.

The show is based on the original British television series that aired on BBC Three in 2014.

Sexy Beasts is a new dating show coming out on Netflix next month (Credit: Netflix)

Sexy Beasts on Netflix: What’s the Concept?

The show originally had a short-lived run on BBC Three.

However, The Masked Singer’s success has renewed interest in the concept. Because of this, Netflix decided to bring it back.

The format of the show is designed so that people choose personality over appearance.

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Netflix has invited a selection of single men and women to date in elaborate costumes from Hollywood makeup artists.

You are only allowed to see what they look like if they are deemed compatible.

It follows a similar concept to Netflix’s other big dating hit, Love is Blind.

Approximately 50 participants from the UK and the US were selected to take part in Sexy Beasts.

Sexy beast on Netflix
Sexy Beasts launches on Netflix July 21st and some fans can’t wait (Credit: Netflix)

When is Sexy Beasts on Netflix and is there a trailer?

Sexy Beasts will hit Netflix on July 21st.

The first series will have a total of 12 episodes.

Netflix has already extended the show as a second series.

Sexy Beast Series 1 was filmed during the lockdown between September and November last year.

Netflix unveiled the trailer on June 23 and received a baffled reaction from fans.

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“It almost makes me cancel my subscription,” joked one fan.

“Everyone involved in this show must be arrested!” Teased another.

“Is the fur real?” laughed a third.

Another quipped, “This looks awful, I’ll look at it five times.”

Meanwhile, others felt that the show lacked body diversity.

“All of these people are thin and attractive under the costumes so the personality-only thing is a bit of a stretch,” asked one viewer.

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