When does it happen and why was he called the son of Sam?

Sons Of Sam on Netflix (or Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness to give it its full name) is a new serial killer documentary about David Berkowitz.

Berkowitz is one of the most notorious serial killers in US history, and now he’s getting Netflix treatment.

But who was he, what did he do and why did he call himself the son of Sam?

Berkowitz wreaked havoc in New York in the 1970s (Photo credit: Netflix / YouTube)

Who was David Berkowitz in Sons of Sam on Netflix?

David Berkowitz was born in New York in 1953, the adopted son of Pearl and Nathan Berkowitz.

Journalists have stated that he had a “troubled childhood” and that he had an early interest in crime.

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Berkowitz, a former Army soldier who served in South Korea, was working for the U.S. Post when he began his rampage in the summer of 1976.

In addition, it is reported that the rampage began after he found out he had been adopted.

Sons of Sam on Netflix David Berkowitz
Berkowitz’s Spree terrified New Yorkers (Image credit: Netflix / YouTube)

Why was he called the son of Sam?

Between July 29, 1976 and July 31, 1977, Berkowitz accidentally killed eight people in and around New York.

He killed his prey by shooting them with a .44 revolver.

His first victims were teenage friends Donna Lauria and Jody Valenti, who sat in their cars in Pelham Bay.

And it was this seemingly random way of killing that Berkowitz used throughout his year of terror.

I’m a monster. I am the ‘son of Sam’.

It was not until April 1977 that he was nicknamed “Son of Sam”.

After killing Alexander Esau and Valentina Suriani in their cars, he left a message to the police.

In the note, he said, “I hurt a lot that you call me a wemon [sic] Hater. I’m not. But I am a monster. I am the ‘son of Sam’. “

“Sam loves to drink blood. “Go out and kill,” orders Father Sam. “

Sons of Sam on Netflix David Berkowitz
Berkowitz called himself “Son of Sam” (Image credit: Netflix / YouTube)

Where is he now?

Berkowitz’s murders provoked the largest manhunt New York City had ever seen at the time.

His rampage also terrified the city’s residents and caused widespread fear and panic.

Just over a year after he killed his first victims, a witness came forward.

On August 9, the day of Berkowitz’s last shooting, a witness reported a mysterious man carrying a “dark object” on her street.

She then reported his car to the police.

The next day, police found Berkowitz’s yellow Ford Galaxy in Yonkers.

He was then arrested and questioned, and the investigator allegedly asked him who he was.

“I’m Sam,” replied Berkowitz.

“Are you Sam? Sam who? “

“Sam. David Berkowitz.”

For each of his killings, he received a life sentence of 25 years.

Still in prison today, he is now 67 years old.

Sons of Sam on Netflix David Berkowitz
Did Berkowitz trade alone? (Photo credit: Netflix / YouTube)

What is the Netflix Documentary about?

The title The Sons of Sam deals with the theory that Berkowitz wasn’t Sam’s only son out there.

During the questioning, Berkowitz reportedly said to the interrogators, “There are other sons out there, God help the world.”

He claimed that members of a satanic cult helped carry out the murders.

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This is followed by the four-part documentary by journalist and author Maura Terry and the theory that Berkowitz did not act alone.

In 1997, Berkowitz told Terry that a group was “working with Satan to wreak havoc”.

The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness is on Netflix starting Wednesday, May 5th

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