When is Gogglebox back? Kanal 4 confirms the return date 2021

Wondering when Gogglebox will appear on our screens again? Don’t be surprised, Channel 4 has just confirmed its return!

Fabulous drama It’s A Sin has taken its Friday night slot at 9pm.

But once this series ends, our favorite TV-based show will be back.

When is Gogglebox back on channel 4?

Channel 4 has confirmed that Gogglebox will return this month – February 2021.

The first episode of the new series will air on Friday, February 26th at 9pm.

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This will be the 17th series!

The Siddiqui family has been on the show since the first series (Credit: Channel 4)

Who is returning to the 17th series?

The official list of returning gogglebox stars has yet to be confirmed.

However, you can definitely expect to see legends Lee and Jenny.

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They already advertised an upcoming special in January.

Lee Jenny Channel 4
Lee and Jenny are coming again! (Credit: Channel 4)

They missed the fact that they would be back in February.

The couple tweeted from their mutual account: “It’s Friday. It’s Gogglebox Friday. Oh my God.

“It’s not the best parts. It’s all new goggle box.

“A bit of relief for lockdown three. Enjoy everyone. Keep well, keep safe.

“See you all in February.”

When did Gogglebox first start?

Gogglebox first aired in March 2013.

It’s been a hit since the first series and has started the media careers of many of its stars.

Perhaps the most famous is Scarlett Moffatt, who now has an estimated net worth of over £ 1 million.

Malone Family on Gogglebox Channel 4
Do you miss the Malone family? (Credit: Channel 4)

What are fans saying about the show?

Fans seem desperate for the show to return – and desperately need some relief given these stressful times.

Dozens have taken to Twitter in the past few weeks asking for his comeback.

One spectator complained: “A.no Friday without G.ogglebox I’m losing the will to live. “

While another tweeted: “Fridays Without G it’s just not the sameogglebox to be honest.”

And a third user asked: “Certainly Goggle box is to return our Fridays to normality? “

Is Gogglebox active in different countries?

Yes! The show has proven to be an extremely lucrative franchise for Channel 4.

Fifteen international versions have been created.

This includes Australian, Canadian, Ukrainian, Slovenian, and French versions.

America called its own version The People’s Couch – and it ran for four seasons.

How can I watch old episodes?

Earlier episodes can be streamed in the All 4 app.

Will you watch Let us know on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix.

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