When is the repair shop in operation? Fans react to changes in BBC planning

Fans of The Repair Shop have described the move to a new day slot as a “downgrade”. So when is it active and has anything changed?

The repair shop – hosted by Jay Blades – is very popular with the British, and some declare it to be the best on TV.

Why has it been postponed and will it ever return to its original evening place?

The repair shop is currently on our screens but in a different time slot (Image Credit: BBC).

When is the repair shop in operation?

The good news is that The Repair Shop is currently open every single day of the week.

It’s postponed to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and each episode lasts 45 minutes instead of the usual hour.

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The show’s assistant producer, Dan Cross, responded to viewers who caught their eye when the schedule was changed.

Why was this brilliant show relegated to an afternoon slot? Shameful. Let’s start a campaign.

He assured them the 8pm show would be back but not for a while as they have 60 45 minute episodes that they have to get through first.

He assured the audience: “It will be that time again at 8 p.m. But as with any series, there are 45-minute episodes a day that are released first. “

Workshop mixer
A mixer was fixed on yesterday’s show (Credit: BBC).

What did the audience say about the change?

The onlookers in the repair shop were a little perplexed by the change.

Does anyone know why the new series of @ TheRepairShop moved from Wednesday night on BBC One to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays? Seems like a strange time choice, “said one.

Another added: “Except from it #therepairshop has a day slot.

“It’s a fantastic program and beats all other scabies that fill the 8pm slot. come on @bbc Listen to your viewers and get it back to prime time, ”said another.

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“It’s a shame it’s stupid in the afternoon. It should run in a prime time slot in the evening! It’s like being downgraded to be back on in the afternoon, ”suggested another.

“Why is it now on weekdays instead of once a week on the main evening? Excellent programming and the new shows are fantastic, but all of them are … and deserve prime time! “Explained another.

“Why was this brilliant show banned to an afternoon slot … shameful … let’s start a campaign,” said another.

“I love it as always. But it deserves its usual evening slot even if it’s 45 minute shows, ”said another.

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