When is the silent witness back? Season 24 welcomes new cast members

Silent Witness fans might well be wondering when will Emilia Fox be called Dr. Nikki Sanderson will be back – so when is the new Silent Witness coming?

The popular BBC One drama series would normally have aired in January 2021, but the pandemic has put an end to that.

When is it back and who is joining the cast?

Here is everything you need to know!

Silent Witness announced new team member Jason Wong for Series 24 of hit BBC One drama (Image: BBC One)

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When is the silent witness back?

Silent Witness is expected to return later this year, though the BBC hasn’t confirmed when.

Piers Wenger, Head of Drama at the BBC, said: “Silent Witness entertains viewers from all generations.

“It remains one of the UK’s most successful crime series.

“I’m thrilled to see the nation under control in 2021 and can’t wait for viewers to see what their 25th anniversary is in 2022.”

We know that Silent Witness will return for two more series – a 24th series and the 25th anniversary series.

The series usually debuts in early January, but we hope that series 24 will come out well before that.

Executive Producer Jo McClellan said, “Series 24 is going to be brilliant.

“Even if the fans have to wait a little longer than usual to see it, I promise them it’s worth it!”

Silent Witness Series 24: Who Will Join the Cast?

We know Clarissa (Lizz Carr) and Dr. Thomas Chamberlain (Richard Lintern) will not return (little sob, now pull yourself together).

But Series 24 welcomes some new members to the team.

The BBC has teased that Nikki (Emilia Fox) and Jack (David Caves) are being “pushed closer and closer together”.

However, the arrival of Adam Yuen (played by Jason Wong) disrupts this new dynamic.

He is described as “a confident, bright and astute pathologist”.

We are also told that he “constantly strives to be the best” and “instantly rubs Nikki and Jack the wrong way.”

Oh good!

Jason Wong previously starred in The Gentleman, Chimerica and Strangers.

Upon joining the show, Jason Wong said, “I’m so excited to be on Silent Witness.

“Like everyone else, I’ve been a huge fan of the show for years and it’s a great privilege to be part of the family.

“I can’t wait for the audience to see everything we have in store for them in this new series.”

When is the silent witness back?
Emilia Fox plays the Dr. Nikki Alexander in Silent Witness (Image: BBC One)

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Series 24: What else do we know?

We know production is in full swing.

Filming began in early September 2020.

Emilia Fox wrote on Instagram: “So happy to be filming again with the #usualsuspects and some new ones … ..!”

Executive Producer Lawrence Till confirmed that Series 24 will consist of “five exciting and distinctive stories told in 10 episodes”.

Emilia Fox returns as Dr. Nikki Alexander returns to the role she has played since 2004.

Actor David Caves returns as Jack Hodgson.

According to the BBC, Dr. Nikki Alexander and Jack Hodgson at the start of series 24 on the future.

A statement tells us: “However, buried secrets and memories come to the surface, and when ghosts from the past emerge, the two are pushed closer and closer together.”

The arrival of Adam Yuen (Jason Wong) “disrupts this new dynamic”.

Described as “a confident, bright, and astute pathologist who constantly strives to be the best,” he instantly rubs Nikki and Jack in the wrong direction.

Emilia Fox said in the statement, “It’s fantastic to re-direct the 24th series of Silent Witness with five great new storylines, our wonderful crew, great new casts for each story, and the very lovable and talented Jason Wong on the Lyell team welcome, with whom it is an absolute pleasure to work with! “

How did series 23 end?

The audience was stunned when Clarissa (Lizz Carr) and Dr. Thomas Chamberlain (Richard Lintern) both left the show at the end of series 23.

The 23rd series of the hit drama came to an explosive conclusion in 2020 when audiences saw the shocking exit of two of the series’ regular characters.

Says Liz Carr: “After eight years playing the fabulous Clarissa Mullery, I’ve decided to leave Silent Witness.

“To quote Clarissa, ‘I just know deep down – that it’s time for me to move on, to focus less on the dead and more on the living. About life.”

Unfortunately, while the door to return is open to Clarissa, the character was killed by Thomas Chamberlain.

He died as a hero of neurotoxin poisoning.

Silent Witness will be back on BBC One later this year or 2022. Series 23 and earlier series of Silent Witness can be made up for on BBC iPlayer.

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