When Taapsee Pannu saw the lighter version of Pink on the Zee Comedy Show and burst out laughing!

Even as the pandemic continues to cast its shadow of stress, Zee TV seeks to lighten the country’s collective mood by offering its viewers an escape from stress via the tickle comedy route through its reality show Zee Comedy Show. While the show has helped every Indian family relax on their couch, with some of India’s best comedians taking the stress out of them, this weekend we’ll see popular Bollywood stars Taapsee Pannu and Abhishek Banerjee take us with their entertaining interesting comments and anecdotes as they appear as special guests during this Sunday’s episode. Revealing interesting details on their upcoming movie Rashmi Rocket, Taapsee and Abhishek will also entertain viewers with their funny dance moves and reactions as the ten comedians on the Zee Comedy Show come together as Team Hasaayenge to make each of us laugh!

While the hilarious deeds of all comedians, coupled with the hilarious reactions and comments of the laughing Buddha Farah Khan, certainly left everyone in divisions during the shoot, it was Ali Asgar (as fake Taapsee Pannu), Gaurav Dubey (as fake Amitabh Bachchan) and Nikki Tamboli (like herself) hilarious parody of Taapsee’s hit movie – Pink, which left the Bollywood star speechless. In fact, she also mentioned that she never saw Pink again after seeing this parody.

Amazed by the phenomenal parody, Taapsee Pannu revealed: “Pink was a special film, but after seeing this act I don’t think I can see it again. I will remember this act if I ever watch it again now. But thank you for showing me the lighter side of pink. I think it’s a very tough movie otherwise, especially for me. “

While the pink parody and sizzling dance moves of Taapsee Pannu grab your attention, you can’t miss the hilarious acts from all of the performers on the Zee Comedy Show during this weekend’s episode. For a big laugh and relieve your stress, tune in to the Zee Comedy Show at 10:00 p.m. this Saturday and Sunday, only on Zee TV.