When Vishal makes a deal with ‘Sanchalak’ Shamita to enter the main house, Karan brings in a new strategy!

the Sankat in the jungle intensifies every day in BIGG BOSS! Participants left no stone unturned in using all sorts of strategies and tricks to stay in the game, which can be clearly seen in the final episodes. In the previous episode, teams were formed among the ‘Junglewasis’ to give the winning team the chance to enter the main house. Since Shamita is the ‘Sanchalak’ of this game, the seeds of deep rivalry and fighting have been sown.

Vishal had previously managed to convince Shamita to help his Team Tigers win the challenge. With Vishal and his team by her side, Shamita follows her plan and starts on her side to make today’s gameplay even more enjoyable. Karan does not escape this plan Nazar as he immediately suspects a foul. He quips his teammates about Vishal, saying: “Mujhe Vishal se expected that. Usne cheating kiya hai! ”

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As a result, another dangal takes place in the jungle when Karan confronts Vishal. Karan confronts him “Tumhaara plan hai Shamita ke saath my tumne mujhe nahi bataya!” Vishal replies: “Woh mera game hai na“After Karan got a taste of deception, he now develops a different strategy. He now turns to Shamita himself to try to incite her against Vishal. Shamita does not move because she trusts Vishal. Karan warns her, “Main Abhi Bhi Bolta Hoon. Apne Sahi Banda choose Nahi Kiya Hai ”. Karan believes that everything that happens is good. “Mujhe sabke chehre dikh rahe hain!” he says.

This drama won’t affect Masti sessions around the house, however! Vishal has a fun discussion with Vishwasun TREE when he gets into the ‘Big B’ avatar. He imitates the voice of Amitabh Bachchan and explains everyone perm it takes place with them in the jungle and how Tejasswi becomes a boy! Tejasswi also interferes, and both make their teammates laugh. “Teja ko ladka hone se rok do!” Vishal asks Vishwasun TREE on his knees.