When was Keeley Hawes on the show?

Lindsay Denton on Line of Duty is a missing but not forgotten character in the hit BBC series.

Keeley Hawes played the multi-layered character of the police drama.

But who was she exactly? Why did she go And was she a good figure or a bad guy?

Here you will find answers to these and other questions.

When did Keeley Hawes work?

Keeley Hawes is one of the most sought after and famous actresses on British television.

She played the cop Lindsay Denton in the second and third series.

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Lindsay is a missing person detective facing personal and professional turmoil.

Keeley Hawes as Lindsay (Image credit: BBC)

Who was Lindsay Denton having an affair with?

In the second series, Lindsay has an affair with the married DDC Mike Dryden, played by Mark Bonnar.

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She became pregnant with his child, but he pushed her to have an abortion. She continued to chase him.

Is Lindsay Denton a good or bad character in Line of Duty?

Lindsay is a multifaceted, extremely complex character. As a police officer, she does some worthy deeds.

But she was also involved in a very disturbing one.

And she gives up her home to help her sick mother.

Lindsay on duty
Did you like this LOD character? (Image credit: BBC)

However, your personal life is also chaotic and very troubled. She can be numb and her stalking is obviously very worrying.

During the conversation with The telegraphKeeley said she “loved” Lindsay’s character and loved playing her.

She also expressed her sympathy for her poor life: “She just had a really good run in life. She’s depressed – I know how it is – but she has to get on with her life. “

What happened to Lindsay Denton on duty?

Lindsay was killed in series three. She is murdered by Dot Cottan, aka “The Caddy” (played by Craig Parkinson), after she refused to take bribes.

keeley hawes on bbc radio
Keeley looks very different from the character! (Image credit: BBC)

Is Lindsay Denton based on a real person?

Lindsay Denton is not believed to have come from an exact individual. However, your storylines are likely inspired by several real-life incidents in anti-corruption police units.

Jed Mercurio said he was inspired by real life stories he learned from researching these units. He also had several police officers as advisors for the series.

When is Line of Duty on TV again?

Line of duty fans are dying to see the series return for the highly anticipated sixth series.

However, due to the pandemic, the shooting schedules were very crooked.

But one of its stars, Adrian Dunbar, just said we can expect it to be back on our screens in the next few months.

A broadcast date for spring 2021 is very likely.

In addition, previous series and episodes of Line of Duty can be streamed on BBC iPlayer.

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