When will Luke Mitchell be released? What did Jodi Jones’ family say?

Small Town Murder recounts the horrific murder of Jodi Jones, for which her boyfriend at the time is currently in jail – but when will Luke Mitchell be released?

The Channel 5 documentary asks if Luke is really innocent, but what did Jodi’s family say about him?

Here is everything you need to know about the second episode of the two-part document.

Jodi Jones was brutally assaulted and murdered when she was only 14 (Credit: Channel 5)

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Luke Mitchell’s trial through the media?

Luke’s trial began in November 2004, 18 months after Jodi Jones was murdered.

The crime and its subsequent trial were on every newspaper in Scotland.

In the newspapers, Luke was featured on their front pages every day before and during the trial.

The headlines shouted “Satanist” and “Evil” and reported that he was obsessed with the occult and Marilyn Manson music.

The writers named him even though he was a minor – which would obviously affect the jury’s opinion.

Luke’s mother Corrine says, “Why did everyone think Luke did it? Because the police told the press and the press told the public about it. “

Luke Mitchell’s trial

With no gun, no forensic evidence and no confession, the prosecution’s case was utterly awkward.

Although Jodi fought for her life on June 30, 2003, Luke had no blood on him.

The three planks of the case were: 1) he found the body, 2) an eyewitness placed him near the body, and 3) his alibi was not accepted.

His alibi was that he cooked dinner with his mother and brother.

However, prosecutors alleged the family lied and Corrine burned evidence – but all charges of perverting legal proceedings were dropped.

Meanwhile, Andrina Bryson, the prosecutor’s star witness, was unable to identify Luke in the courtroom.

Eventually, a majority judgment found Luke guilty of Jodi’s murder and sentenced him to at least 20 years.

It took them less than 24 hours.

Luke did not testify at his trial, which was the longest and most expensive single defendant in Scottish legal history.

Did Luke Mitchell kill Jodi Jones?
He has been found guilty of killing Jodi Jones, but when will Luke Mitchell be released? (Credit: Channel 5)

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When will Luke Mitchell be released?

Luke is currently in Shotts Prison and nearing the end of his minimum sentence of 20 years.

He was convicted in 2005 and has been in prison for the past 17 years.

Luke is almost 32 years old and has tried and failed several times to break his belief.

Small Town Murder explains that Luke refuses to say he is guilty of something he claims he did not.

This means that his probation chances are greatly reduced.

Luke’s mother Corrine is fighting for an acquittal.

Luke says, “I’m not going to admit anything I haven’t done – even if it means I’m going to be released.

“I will keep my innocence, even if it means staying in prison for the rest of my life.”

When will Luke Mitchell be released? The earliest would be in 2025.

The fight for Luke’s name continues.

When will Luke Mitchell be released? What did Jodi Jones’ family say?

At the time, Jodi’s mother, Judith, said justice was being served.

You are not participating in the C5 series Murder in a Small Town.

Liam Kerr, judicial spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives, criticized the documentary.

He told the Daily Record, “This person has been convicted of one of the most appalling crimes and several appeals on his behalf have been denied.

“Of course, this documentary is only going to worry a family who has suffered so much.

“The makers should think twice about giving a platform to such a dangerous and twisted person.”

Small town murder investigates Luke Mitchell's detention
Small town murder investigates Luke Mitchell’s detention (Image credit: Channel 5)

Other interesting people: the moped boys

Two mopeds were seen near the scene at 5 p.m. on the night of Jodi Jones’ murder.

The ‘Moped Boys’ contacted us five days later – they were Jodi’s second cousin John Ferris and Gordon Dickie.

They were called as witnesses during the trial and asked why they were in the forest near the crime scene.

They said they couldn’t remember and denied killing Jodi.

However, it was known that the day after Jodi’s murder, John had all of his hair cut off to change his appearance.

Other People of Interest: Stephen Kelly

Police removed more than a hundred pieces of evidence from the scene, including clothing, blood, saliva, and semen – none that were related to Luke.

There was male DNA on the crime scene and on the body, but it wasn’t Luke’s.

Police found DNA on Jodi’s t-shirt belonging to Stephen Kelly – Jodi’s sister’s friend.

This involved Stephen more than Luke – why didn’t they arrest him?

The explanation in court was that Jodi had borrowed her sister’s t-shirt that night.

Another male profile was found by a second man in a used condom near Jodi’s body.

The semen in the condom was said to have been fresh, but the DNA match was not found for another three years.

His DNA was added to the police database in connection with another incident.

The person cannot be named, although Murder in a Small Town’s private investigators believe he is the most likely murderer.

Luke Mitchell appeared in the press daily after Jodi's murder (Credit: Channel 5)
Luke Mitchell was demonized daily in the press following Jodi’s murder (Credit: Channel 5)

Was Mark Kane the murderer of Jodi Jones?

Investigators John Sallens and Michael Neil found another person who was of interest to the crime who “showed up with scratches on his face” the day after the murder.

Mark Kane was a suspected drug user who was studying at Newbattle Abbey College in Dalkeith and was “undetectable” during the murder hunt.

He bears a remarkable resemblance to Luke and lived very close to the scene of the murder.

He is described as “a very, very distraught boy who carried a knife” and had methadone as well as cannabis and lager at the time.

Mark says he got the scratches by “falling into a bush”.

Mark died last year.

Luke Mitchell polygraph

Corrine Mitchell was asked during a polygraph test whether she had forged her son’s alibi or burned his bloody clothes.

She passed it without hesitation.

Luke also took the polygraph test in prison.

He passed by.

However, polygraph testing is not currently allowed in UK courts.

They do not guarantee 100 percent accuracy.

The murder in a small town ends on Channel 5 on Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 9 p.m.

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