When will new episodes of EastEnders appear on BBC iPlayer?

During the Euros, EastEnders will upload all of the week’s episodes to BBC iPlayer, but when will new EastEnders episodes appear on BBC iPlayer?

When will new episodes of EastEnders appear on BBC iPlayer?

On Monday (June 14th) the BBC uploaded this week’s episodes of EastEnders to BBC iPlayer.

While the episodes are available on iPlayer, they aired all week due to the Euros at slightly different times.

BBC uploaded this week’s episodes of EastEnders to BBC iPlayer (Image: BBC)

If you’ve already seen all of this week’s episodes, next week’s episodes will be uploaded on Monday June 21st.

When is EastEnders next week?

If you’d rather wait for EastEnders to air next week, the schedule is here.

There will be an episode on Tuesday (June 22nd) at 7 p.m.

New episodes will be available on Monday (Credit: BBC)

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On Thursday (June 24th) there is a double bill from EastEnders. The first episode starts at 7:40 p.m., followed by another episode at 8:05 p.m.

On Friday (June 25th) there will be another episode at 7.45 p.m.

SPOILERS: What’s happening in the EastEnders next week?

Next week, Sonia is suspicious of Rocky’s interest in the houses in the Square, especially Ruby’s.

Kathy later believes her purse was stolen while going on her date with Rocky.

When Sonia learns that Ruby’s house has been broken into, she becomes even more suspicious of her father.

She later accuses Rocky of both crimes. How will Rocky react?

Meanwhile, Bobby spends the night with Dana.

Bobby decides to tell Dana the truth (Image: BBC)

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After that, he decides it’s time to tell her the truth about him, including what happened to Lucy.

How will Dana react?

Meanwhile, Chelsea is being interrogated for possession of stolen property.

Later, Denise and Jack confront her and Jack suggests that she find a lawyer and suggests Gray.

Chelsea visits Gray and asks him to have lunch where she flirts with him, but could she be in danger?

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