Where can I buy the ice cream maker Holly Willoughby has?

The Pan-n-Ice ice cream maker – loved by Holly Willoughby and Amanda Holden – is the new must-have kitchen appliance.

However, the ladies found two very different uses for the machine.

While Holly kept things tame and made ice cream rolls out of them with daughter Belle, Amanda made herself a frozen margherita with Pan-n-Ice.

We know what we’d rather!

Holly and Belle made the ice cream rolls on their home machine (Image credit: Instagram)

What are ice cream rolls and what does the machine do?

The new food trend is believed to have originated in Thailand. There, street food stalls make it to what looks like a giant crepes maker right before your eyes.

Instead of the iron base being scorching hot, it’s ice cold – and the batter being poured on is melted ice.

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Toppings – like strawberries, candy bars, and oreo cookies – are placed on top before everything is mixed with a chopping motion coming from two paint scraper-like spatulas.

The ice is quickly spread in a thin layer on the cold surface, where it freezes almost instantly.

The scrapers are then used to roll up the ice from one side of the cold plate to the other.

It’s fascinating to see how it’s made, and the end result is lighter, more airy, and tastier ice cream.

But what do you do if you don’t plan a trip to Thailand soon?

Well we got just the thing …

Ice Cream Machine: Loved by Amanda and Holly
Amanda Holden in action with her machine (Credit: TikTok)

So can I buy an ice cream machine to make myself?

Indeed you can.

The original British ice cream company, Pan-n-Ice, offers DIY kits that have been tested by celebrities like Amanda Holden and Holly Willoughby.

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With hers you can see Holly’s daughter Belle making ice cream rolls, treat sauces and Reece’s peanut butter cups with hundreds and thousands.

Amanda meanwhile opted for a juicy frozen cocktail and quipped, “I always wanted to be a plasterer,” about the technique required.

@noholdenbackI always wanted to be a plasterer 😂 ## LearnOnTikTok ## pannice ##Margarita♬ Original sound – Amanda Holden

How much do the kits cost?

The home kits currently have a 30% discount online Here.

You can get the roll top for £ 44.99 then add ice cream and topping packs.

Our favorite is the Ultimate Ingredients Bundle, which costs £ 32.95 and includes flakes, a glass of Biscoff, popping candy, Ferrero Rocher and Nutella.

Then you need to add the ice cream mixture. A triple pack costs £ 15.95 and makes up to 45 servings.

Or buy the whole thing in the brand’s Ultimate Pack.

It costs £ 84.95 and contains everything you need to make around 40 servings of ice cream rolls.

The only other thing you need is a freezer that comes down to a pretty cool -22 degrees!

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