Where can I buy the sugar substitute?

The homemade millionaires are tempted tonight (Thursday, May 27, 2021) by a sweet deal in Dragons’ Den – but what is Puresweet Zero?

What is it made of and where can you buy it?

Here’s everything you need to know about the product that hits the sweet spot in episode nine of the BBC One series.

Deborah Meaden tries the product on the ninth episode of Dragons’ Den (Image Credit: BBC One)

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Dragons’ Den Pitch: Puresweet Zero calorie-free sugar substitute

First, London-based entrepreneur Jack Nyber introduces the dragon, his artificial sweetener.

He believes he has found a way to jointly satisfy the nation’s sweet tooth.

The CEO and founder of Puresweet Zero confidently declares: “My product is a holy grail of sweetness.”

Puresweet Zero is a calorie-free sugar substitute.

Jack tells the dragons that the product doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste like some artificial sweeteners.

Jack believes his product is the perfect sugar alternative for diabetics, dieters, keto people, and anyone looking to consume calories and sugar.

Perhaps even more remarkable is that the product is “actively good for your teeth”.

This is in contrast to sugar, which is known to be very bad for your teeth.

After trying, Sara Davies admits that it would deceive her husband.

Jack wants £ 75,000 for five percent because it’s already had some success in the market.

Dragons’ Den Puresweet Zero – What is it made of?

Puresweet Zero contains a naturally obtained sugar alternative from fruit or vegetables (not fructose), which flows undigested directly through your body.

Hence, it has no calories, does not affect blood sugar levels, and has no net carbohydrates!

Puresweet Zero is made with erythritol, a sweetener found naturally in watermelons, pears and grapes.

The human body produces erythritol while eating.

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Where can you buy Puresweet Zero?

Puresweet Zero has a website where you can buy their products Here.

A 1 kg bag of Puresweet Zero® costs £ .8.89, as does Puresweet’s Mayple® syrup from Puresweet (355 ml).

After all, Puresweet Hunee® costs £ 8.79 for 414 ml.

Pure Sweet Zero: Jack Nyber

Jack says, “A few years ago I started looking for a sugar alternative that wouldn’t make me feel like I was missing out.

“For many years I was disappointed with the opportunities that were available to me.

“I couldn’t come to terms with the artificial and bitter aftertaste that many sweeteners contained.

“I was in the USA for a year and came across a product similar to Puresweet Zero.

“I was surprised it wasn’t available in the UK market because it was natural, tasted like sugar and had no calories – that’s the holy grail!”

Jack subsequently has several Puresweet Zero products on the market.

Dragon Cave occupied
The Dragons’ Den cast of Homemade Millionaires (Credit: BBC One)

Dragons’ Den episode five pitches

Leanne Holder and Jacob Leaver from Pembrokeshire stand next to the kites.

The health-conscious coffee lovers have the idea to unite their passions.

As a result, the couple sets up their vitamin-enriched coffee.

In the meantime, one inventor hopes to sign a contract with her portable child suction pads.

Perhaps most notably, the baby’s feeding mat doubles as a lunch box.

A dog groomer shears her four-legged friend to show off hair-repellent salon clothing.

And another budding entrepreneur presents his eco-cleaning products.

It’s a tablet-based household cleaning system.

Will any of them impress Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Tej Lalvani or Sara Davies?

Dragons’ Den will continue on BBC One on Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 8 p.m.

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