Where did we leave it and what will happen?

The new series of Casualty kicks off tonight (Saturday January 2nd) and we’re ready for another emotional roller coaster ride with the BBC’s hit medical drama.

So what will happen and where was the last time we left our favorite key workers?

It was a disaster the last time viewers saw Casualty (Credit: BBC)

What will happen in the new series of Casualty?

The last time we saw the ED and all of its staff was in September on the breathtaking, harrowing “Code Orange” episode.

The staff faced the threat of a deadly poison that pierced the hospital.

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There were hazmat suits, full bans, and loads of action.

Connie accident
Connie faces a fight (Credit: BBC)

What will happen in Casualty tonight?

Today’s series opener revolves around an emotional COVID story.

Connie struggles to keep her team safe when the coronavirus pandemic hits Holby ED.

Will is also disaffected with his job, and Fenisha rushes to get her baby to safety.

We were also told that the death of a team member will occur.

Jacob accident
What will happen to Connie and Jacob? (Image credit: BBC)

What can we expect from the new series?

Speak with Digital spyActress Amanda Mealing said that Connie’s relationship with Jacob takes more twists and turns and is even heading for heartbreak.

Amanda said, “After the COVID episode she feels like she is not having a good time and can live a high life after what she sees as her failure.

She takes the death of a team member personally.

“She takes the death of a team member personally.”

“But then Jacob is there, he’s beautiful and it gets complicated as always. Nothing is simple or straightforward with these two. “

Fenisha accident
The Truth About Fenisha’s Pregnancy Will Be Known (Credit: BBC)

What else is going to happen?

New twists and turns in the story of Faith, Dylan and Lev have also been spiced up.

Dylan told Faith that he saw the last time her husband Lev kissed another woman.

We also promised drama when Ethan discovered the truth about Fenisha’s pregnancy.

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And if that wasn’t enough, the new series will feature new storylines for Jade and Marty as well.

The victim begins tonight (Saturday January 2) at 7:35 p.m. on BBC One

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