Where is Abi and when will she be back on the screens?

Abi Franklin has disappeared from Coronation Street and fiancé Kevin Webster is determined to find her.

But since she cannot be seen or heard for weeks, Kevin is seriously worried.

When he found out that Corey was coaching a place for the Weatherfield County’s first team, Kevin realized that this could tip Abi over the edge and was determined to put an end to it.

But his efforts to persuade the manager to kick Corey off the team failed. Does that mean that Abi will be gone forever?

Where is Abi on Coronation Street?

Abi left after Corey was found innocent in the trial (Image credit: ITV)

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Abi went into heartbreaking scenes after the trial of her son’s killer, Corey Brent.

Corey was released from Scott despite murdering Seb Franklin in shocking scenes aired earlier this year.

Abi couldn’t handle the killer walking around like nothing had happened and ended her relationship with Kevin before she left.

She even told Kev that she had never loved him and that he was just a “stopgap” before she went out sobbing.

Kevin, who knew she didn’t really mean it and it was the grief, tried desperately to find her.

So far it has been unsuccessful, but will the news of Corey’s bright future draw you out of hiding?

Will Kevin find Abi?

Kevin wants to help Abi (Image credit: ITV)

After trying to kick Corey off the football team, Kevin went on par with Corey’s father, who told him Abi wasn’t stable and Kevin needed to forget about her. But Kev isn’t ready for that.

Abi doesn’t reply to messages and even Sally hasn’t heard from her best friend, so next week Kevin decides that the only option is to call the police and report her missing.

Kevin is shocked to receive a notification from the bank that £ 2K has been withdrawn from their mutual account.

With Abi’s background, Kev soon adds two and two and assumes the money is for drugs.

Kevin goes straight to the Dog & Gun, notorious for its seedy clientele, with a photo of Abi, but finds Tez, Seb’s father, instead.

Who is Seb’s father, Tez?

Does Tez know more than he admits? (Photo credit: ITV)

Tez is a well-known drug dealer and clearly not good.

Kevin shares the news from Seb’s mother with Tez, but Tez insists he hasn’t heard from Abi.

When Kevin discovers that Seb’s father, Tez, is in the bar, he spreads the news of Seb’s murder. He explains his fears that Abi used drugs in her grief.

Tez assures him that he hasn’t heard from Abi, but when Kevin finds Tez on a drug deal and tries the goods from his drug deal, Kev takes a picture on his cell phone.

Kevin stands up to Tez and demands to know where Abi is and threatens to send the picture to Tez’s probation officer.

Tez pretends to have seen Kevin weeks ago but not had a conversation with her.

Kevin leaves Abi a warm voicemail explaining how much he loves and misses her. Will she come home

When is Abi back on Coronation Street?

Coronation street spoiler: Abi Franklin rages in Imran
Abi will be back and she’s out for revenge (Image credit: ITV)

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While the soap hasn’t exactly confirmed when actress Sally Carmen will be returning as a high school graduate, we do know she will be back this month.

The show has planned a huge week of revenge with Corey in October to finally get his comeuppance.

But will Vengeance really help Abi move forward?

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