Where is Ajay Chowdhury now?

The snake horrified viewers at the crimes of serial killer Charles Sobhraj – and his numerous accomplices. Where is Ajay Chowdhury now?

The Mumbai-born criminal not only knew about Charles’ activities, he was also involved in his crimes.

Some might even say that he was Charles ‘right-hand man next to Charles’ girlfriend Marie-Andrée Leclerc.

Everything you need to know is here.

*** Warning: May contain spoilers ***

Ajay Chowdhury helped Charles Sobhraj cover up his crimes (Credit: BBC One)

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Who is Ajay?

First of all, Ajay was Charles’ deputy, his lieutenant, his henchman.

He lured western travelers and helped Charles commit his deadly crimes – stealing thousands of dollars in travelers checks from victims.

They committed the first murders in 1975.

In the first episode of The Serpent we see the duo drug American Teresa Knowlton.

They stole from her, turned her into a bikini, and drowned her to make it look like their fault.

According to the Nepalese police and Interpol, Ajay helped Charles commission a series of murders, robberies and passport theft.

He is also suspected of having burned the victims’ bodies to prevent quick identification.

After all, Ajay was involved in the double murder of the American backpacker Connie Jo Bronzich and her Canadian companion Laurent Carriere in Kathmandu.

“After the bodies were discovered, we traced Ajay Chowdhury to a hotel in Kathmandu,” said Bishwa Lal Shrestha, a 1975 police officer investigating the case.

“But he gave us the note.”

The serpent episodic
Charles and Ajay have been chasing young, naive travelers (Image credit: BBC One)

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Where is Ajay now?

According to a book published through Charles Sobhraj, Ajay was hired in 1976 to collect gemstones from a mining town in Malaysia.

When he got back, he and Charles were walking into a jungle together … But only Charles returned.

Did Charles murder his own henchman? Or did the couple just break up on friendly terms?

Seems unlikely!

The truth is, Ajay has been considered dead for many years.

According to the BBC One-Drama The Serpent, Ajay was last spotted in Germany in late 1976.

He was never seen again.

Ajay Chowdhury in line
Ajay Chowdhury hasn’t been seen since 1976 – so he might still be at large (Credit: BBC One)

Who plays him in The Serpent?

Amesh Edireweera plays the shady character in The Serpent.

This is Amesh’s first major television role in years in the theater.

Commenting on his role in The Serpent, Amesh said, “The whole story is completely mental.

“Ajay is interesting because there are no direct reports about him – just some evidence from other people talking about him.

“The biggest shock to me was hearing his parents talk about him.

“They described him as such a ‘good boy’ and ‘smart’. […] I felt a real sense of grief for the family. “

The queue airs on BBC One on Sundays at 9 p.m. The entire series can now be viewed on the iPlayer.

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