Where is Brian Wood now? Danny Boy on BBC Two focuses on his story

Danny Boy tells the gripping, true story of a young man’s journey from hero to alleged war criminal – but where is former soldier Brian Wood now?

And where is the lawyer Phil Shiner who accused Brian of war crimes?

Here you will find everything you need to know about the one-off drama and what became of the two men.

Anthony Boyle as Brian Wood and Toby Jones as Phil Shiner in Danny Boy (Image Credit: BBC Two)

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What is Danny Boy about and is it a real story?

Danny Boy on BBC Two is based on real events.

What follows is the true story of a young soldier’s journey from hero to alleged war criminal.

Anthony Boyle plays the real-life soldier Brian Wood, who was charged with war crimes in Iraq by die-hard human rights attorney Phil Shiner (played by Toby Jones).

The two men face each other in a legal and moral conflict that takes us from the battlefield to the courtroom.

The litigation turned into one of the UK’s largest public inquiries, the Al-Sweady Inquiry.

What happened in the battle of Danny Boy? Where is Brian Wood now?

Iraqi fighters ambushed a train of British soldiers in southern Iraq on May 14, 2004.

The 1st Battalion, the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment, was sent to help them.

The three-hour gun battle that followed became known as the Battle of Danny Boy, named after a point on the map.

28 Iraqis were killed, many at close range.

It was Brian Wood, a paint sergeant, who took the initiative during the fight.

He made the separate decision to lead his men into enemy fire in the first bayonet attack by British soldiers in 25 years.

The government awarded him the Military Cross – partly in recognition of his bravery in this action.

However, when prisoners taken at Danny Boy’s home alleged that they had been ill-treated, the Red Cross urged the UK authorities to investigate.

Human rights attorney Phil Shiner took up the case that turned Brian Wood from war hero to alleged murderer on charges of war crimes.

Danny Boy is a thought-provoking drama that questions what we ask of those who fight for their country (Credit: BBC Two).

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Where is Brian Wood now?

After years of public shame, Brian stepped up to the booth and gave a powerful testimony to proclaim his innocence.

After tense investigation room scenes, justice was finally served and Brian was found not guilty of war crimes.

Brian wrote a book about the struggle to clear his name called Double Crossed: A Fighting Man Under Fire.

On February 3, 2017, he appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain speaking about the false allegations made against him and his unit by disgraced attorney Phil Shiner.

Brian also founded Keep Attacking – a sportswear brand.

Where is Phil Shiner now?

In the trailer for the one-off drama, viewers see Toby Evans’ character announce that “British soldiers can get away with murder”.

In fact, human rights attorney Phil Shiner made false accusations against Brian and others.

At the end of the Al-Sweady investigation, Sir Thayne Forbes said that some of the allegations against Brian Wood and his regiment were “the product of deliberate lies”.

Phil Shiner has been removed from the list of attorneys in the UK and has been deprived of an honorary doctorate.

This was due to wrongdoing during the trial and the falsification of certain cases.

A tribunal found him “guilty of several charges of professional misconduct, including dishonesty and lack of integrity”.

The father of five, Phil Shiner, now 63, declared bankrupt in March 2017 and owed nearly £ 7 million.

However, he tried to outsmart the authorities by first hiding his assets including his house to avoid paying a £ 7 million debt.

Danny Boy will air on BBC Two on Wednesday May 12, 2021 at 9 p.m.

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