Where is the bridge? Is Too Close a True Story?

Too Close is a gripping and dark new thriller on ITV with Emily Watson, Denise Gough – and a bridge as the central prop!

Directed by Line of Duty director and former EastEnders actress Susan Tully, we predict this is a miniseries everyone will be talking about soon.

So what is it about? Is it a real story? And where is it filmed?

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Let’s take a look…

Too Close explored what happened to drive Connie off a bridge (Credit: ITV)

What is Too Close about?

Too Close explores the dangerous relationship between a forensic psychiatrist – Dr. Emma Robertson (Emily Watson) – and her patient – Connie Mortensen (Denise Gough).

Connie is charged with a terrible crime but says she doesn’t remember anything. She is accused of driving a car off a bridge with two children.

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Emma is well acquainted with challenging patients but soon develops an unhealthy close relationship with Connie.

As the story unfolds, the lines blur and the doctor-patient relationship turns into a twisted game.

Will the truth ever come out? Or will this investigation become Emma’s own doom?

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Will you watch (Photo credit: ITV)

Is Too Close based on a true story?

This series is not based on a true story. Too Close is based on the novel by writer and former The Bill actress Clara Salaman. However, she published it under her pseudonym Natalie Daniels.

Clara is a bestselling writer and has a particular focus on dark storylines with strong female leads.

While speaking to ITV, she describes Too Close’s initial setup: “When we first meet Connie, she is a patient in a safe mental health unit. Where we also meet the psychiatrist Emma. Connie is very lively. She says she doesn’t remember driving a car off a bridge with two children.

“Though we wonder if she’s telling the truth. Is she faking? Is she a bad woman? We don’t know what she’s up to. It’s Emma’s job to find out if Connie has real “dissociative amnesia” or if it’s bad.

too close
Emily Watson heads the cast (Credit: ITV)

“As Emma later describes, it is a way of dealing with trauma. Put the events of the trauma in a small box, and then bury the box in the ground to avoid pain. It’s not unusual. “

Additionally, Clara said this is a series that requires your full attention.

She explained, “You can’t see and look at the cell phone too close at the same time. Don’t look down because you are going to miss something.

“And maybe that’s a good thing. Put your phone and tablet away and watch the story unfold. “

Where’s the bridge on Too Close?

The bridge was filmed on Sheppey Way and Kingsferry Bridge, which connects the Isle of Sheppey with mainland Kent.

The bridge is in Kent.

At the time of filming these scenes, this caused a stir with the locals.

According to Kent LiveA commuter had to illegally cycle home via Sheppey Crossing because the bridge was closed for filming.

When is Too Close switched on at ITV?

Too Close starts on ITV Monday April 12th at 9:00 pm The series will continue on consecutive evenings this week.

Once broadcast, the entire series can be streamed on ITV Hub.

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