Where was Harriet Finch? Fans amazed at return

Emmerdale aired the return of Harriet Finch last night and fans were puzzled by how she looked.

Last month fans were furious when Harriet appeared to have disappeared from the village and only appeared on screen once in six months.

The audience asked where she was and why her absence had not been addressed.

Emmerdale: Where was Harriet?

Where was Harriet? (Photo credit: ITV)

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Harriet reappeared on Thursday evening (September 30, 2021) when she paid a visit to Dawn to see how she was after Jamie’s “death”.

The pastor had last been seen in the cellar penalizing their sins. She had locked herself there in order to reconnect with God after her involvement in the murder of DI Malone.

Despite this severe mental crisis, some fans thought she might still be in the basement as she has apparently been forgotten for months.

“They finally let Harriet out of the cellar,” cheered one. Another added: “Glad to see Harriet again, it must have been terrible to live in that basement.”

It turned out that she lived with Dan and Amelia the whole time.

Spectators are amazed

But fans were confused as there was no mention of where she had been or why she hadn’t been seen for months.

What happened to DI Malone?

DI Malone was a mean piece of work (Credit: ITV)

DI Malone was a corrupt police officer with whom Harriet began an affair.

He blackmailed Will into working for him to do shady business, but Dawn reported Malone to the police.

Malone didn’t take this too well and tried to force her to kill herself with a drug overdose.

Harriet came to Dawn’s rescue and knocked Malone out, but he woke up and Dawn shot him.

They buried the body but later had to move it, and Will buried him in the Home Farm grounds. Malone’s body stays there.

What will Harriet do now after she returns to Emmerdale?

Harriet is considering going back to the police (Image credit: ITV)

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After Will moved into the groundsman’s house on the Home Farm, Harriet moved back in with Dawn and Lucas. But Harriet feels a little lost.

With the new Rev Charles in town, her position in the Church feels redundant and she isn’t sure which direction to turn.

Harriet is considering going back to the police after PC Swirling tried to get her to apply.

However, given her role in Malone’s murder and cover-up, is it really the best idea to join the troupe?

Whatever she decides, we just hope she doesn’t go away for that long!

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