Where was Tracy Metcalfe? How will she go when Amy Walsh goes on motherhood?

Tracy Metcalfe has returned to Emmerdale after leaving for help with postnatal depression.

After the birth of baby Frankie, Tracy struggled with dark and intrusive thoughts and even thought about suicide.

But after much support from her family, Tracy seems to be back on track. But how long will it take?

Emmerdale: Where was Tracy?

Tracy is working hard to make herself feel better (Image: ITV)

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Tracy’s battle with postnatal depression reached a terrifying climax when she decided everyone would be better off without her and Frankie, and approached the edge of a cliff that was clutching her child.

Although she decided not to go through with it, she disappeared and was found by Faith, who was looking in the fields for her father’s special tree.

Tracy finally got the help she needed when she was taken to a mother and child unit and put in place a treatment plan to get better.

At first she thought she had failed as a mother and broke off her engagement to Nate to tell him to take baby Frankie.

But with a lot of help and support, she managed to get back on her feet and although she warned Nate that there would be no quick fix to her problems, she recovered well enough to return home.

Is actress Amy Walsh, who plays Tracy, pregnant in real life?

Amy Walsh smiles
Actress Amy Walsh is expecting her first child (Photo credit: SplashNews.com)

Amy and her partner, EastEnders star Toby-Alexander Smith, are expecting their first baby together.

The couple announced the happy news in September when Amy showed off her adorable baby bump.

The couple shared their happy news OK!, with Amy admitting that they are “so excited” to become parents.

Amy, 34, was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries when she was 20, so she thought her fertility might be an issue.

However, the couple didn’t try long before they got their happy news.

“It feels like everything should be as it happened. I thought I might be struggling with fertility, so getting pregnant was pretty easy and whenever I wanted – I was amazed. We feel incredibly happy, ”said Amy.

Is Tracy leaving Emmerdale?

Nate is determined to be family with Tracy and Frankie (Image: ITV)

Tracy is desperate to start over with Nate and her family, but could there be more trouble?

With Amy’s maternity leave approaching, it’s likely that Tracy will disappear from our screens sooner rather than later.

Amy teased Loose Women that her baby “might be a Christmas baby,” so it’s likely that her maternity leave will begin in the coming months.

How is Amy Walsh advertised?

Emmerdale has given no indication of how Amy’s exit storyline will play out.

Could there be a relapse despite the fact that Tracy is feeling well enough to get home? Will she stay in the hospital for a long time again this time?

Or could Tracy just be written out of scenes for a while like Harriet did?

Is there more drama around the corner for the already struggling young mother?

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