Where was Zak Dingle? Head of the Dingle Clan returns

Emmerdale legend Zak Dingle returned in shock on today’s episode (Friday June 11), but where was Zak?

On today’s episode of the soap, Vinny received a text from Aaron. Vinny had recently missed a call from Aaron’s sister Liv, who fled the village a few weeks ago.

He told Aaron, but texted Vinny for more news about Liv.

Zak is back (Image: ITV)

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Mandy told Vinny that Aaron was just worried about her. As Mandy set off, she and Vinny were shocked when Zak walked through the door.

He immediately asked Mandy what was going on with Liv’s disappearance and Mandy took him for a drink to clear him up.

Emmerdale: Where was Zak Dingle?

Zak has lived in Scotland again and again since 2018.

Zak has been back to Scotland in the past few months but still technically lives in the village.

Zak and Debbie lived in Scotland (Image: ITV)

His granddaughter Debbie currently owns and operates a garage up there left by Zak’s late wife Lisa, who died in 2019.

Lisa and Zak returned to the village in 2019 and remarried, but Lisa died on their wedding day.

Zak later went back to Scotland but has returned for family events like Eve’s christening in March 2020. His last return was in January 2021.

He went back to Scotland to help Debbie find someone for the workshop.

Zak was married to Lisa (Image: ITV)

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However, it looks like he’s now back to help the Dingle family as they keep trying to track down Liv.

Next week, it looks like Aaron and Ben will manage to find Liv, who stayed at a trailer park with her mother.

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Emmerdale continues tonight (June 11th) at 7pm on ITV.

Emmerdale airs on ITV at 7pm on weekdays, with an additional episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

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