Where’s Steph’s packed lunch? Channel 4’s broadcast was canceled this week

Steph’s packed lunch will no longer air on Channel 4 this week – but why was it canceled?

The popular daily program – moderated by Steph McGovern – was missing from the TV program today (March 29).

Shortly after the presenter signed out last Friday, the show’s official Twitter account announced the change.

Steph’s packed lunch is on break for Easter (Image credit: Kanal 4)

Where’s Steph’s packed lunch?

They also confirmed that the show won’t be back until Monday, April 12th.

The announcement read: “And that’s it – we’re out of the air now over Easter.

“BUT – we will all be back on @ Channel4 on Monday April 12th at 12:30 pm. See you!”

We’re off the air now over Easter

Of course, the audience was devastated by the schedule change.

One wrote, “Oh, what will I see now in the afternoon until you get back? Can’t you do reruns of this show? I guess it’s boring for a couple of weeks again, Loose Women. You will be so missed! “

Also for a second said: “No! Hope you all have a well-deserved break with your families and we look forward to your return on the 12th. “

A third added, “I will miss you all. The lockdown lunchtimes were so much easier for you to share with others. “

Another commented, “Oh, I’ll miss you guys. They were the culmination of that miserable lockdown.

“Have such a laugh watching you. Enjoy your break. Happy Easter!”

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In addition, a fifth said: “Really miserable to hear that!”

Instead, Channel 4 is broadcasting a rerun of Couples Come Dine With Me.

The culinary competition will follow at 1:05 p.m. Find It, Fix It, Flog It.

Steph McGovern is the host of the daily magazine (Credit: SplashNews.com).

Who else is on the show?

38-year-old Steph is often accompanied by a number of famous faces in the daily.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Katie Price had the opportunity to join Steph as a traveling reporter.

Last week, the former glamor model responded to rumors that she was pregnant during the show.

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Katie, who is currently dating her boyfriend Carl Woods, stated, “I’ve put on weight. Everyone can speculate what they like. Images can be deceiving in many different ways. “

Steph then asked if Katie purposely wanted to spark speculation by leaving out certain details in the mail.

In addition, 42-year-old Katie replied, “It was literally a picture and everyone said you were pregnant. I am not saying that I am and I am not saying that I am not. “

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