Which of the BBC actors has the edge?

Death in Paradise fans are used to high numbers of detectives on Saint Marie, but which of the actors was the best?

While we think they are all entertaining and adorable in their own way, we definitely have our Darling.

Here is our ranking of the Death in Paradise detectives, best at the end.

4. Ralf Little

We’re sorry Ralf fans, but we haven’t been massively impressed by his portrayal of DI Neville Parker.

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But that could simply be because he’s still a relative newbie. Although he appeared on the previous episode – as a completely different character in 2013 – he was only a head honcho on the show since last year.

Neville is also very different from the previous detectives.

Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker (Image credit: BBC)

Ralf explained his character’s unique investigative abilities Radio times: “And often a single insignificant detail that everyone else could ignore.

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“While Richard Poole, Ben Miller’s character, was extremely methodical – and Kris Marshall with Humphrey and clumsy pup [style] might stumble upon something and have the bare minimums to know what it meant – and Ardal’s character can see the overarching narrative about how a crime could happen because he’s a storyteller.

“Neville’s thing is his eye for detail.”

3. Kris Marshall

Kris played DI Humphrey Goodman on DIP from 2014 to 2017 and was a popular addition.

And was on the hit BBC series for so long that his name has pretty much become synonymous with the show.

DI Goodman was known to be a walking contradiction. Brilliant at solving crimes, but hopeless at basic organizational skills.

And he was one of the few detectives who quickly adapted to and enjoyed Caribbean life.

Death in Paradise Kris Marshall
Kris Marshall left Death in Paradise in 2017 (Image Credit: BBC)

While it was originally reported that he left the show to join Doctor Who, that coveted transition never materialized.

In fact, his departure mimicked his exit storyline. As he said, he went out of love.

Speak with Radio times Kris explained, “My wife and I discussed this three or four years ago.

“When I was first offered the job, my son was six months old and my wife wasn’t working. So it was a very easy decision.

“We decided to do death in paradise for a couple of years until it became impractical.”

2. Ardal O’Hanlon

Irish actor and comedian Ardal O’Hanlon joined Death in Paradise as DI Jack Mooney in 2017 and stayed in Saint Marie until 2020.

As a popular addition, fans liked its natural Irish charm and often underrated investigative skills.

However, the actor called it a day in 2020 and his character was advertised by returning to London to support his daughter Siobhan. And to wait for the return of his new love interest Anna from her world trips.

ardan o'hanlon on dip bbc
Do you miss Ardal O’Hanlon on DIP? (Image credit: BBC)

While Ardal has not given an exact reason for leaving and has repeated how much he enjoyed being on the show.

But he’s also said he has absolutely no plans to ever revive the show.

And that could be because he was tired of working in the stifling heat.

As Ardal told him BBC on his departure: “It’s time to move on and explore other options – preferably closer to the Arctic Circle.”

1. Ben Miller

We believe that Death in Paradise’s first and original detective is quite simply the best. Ben Miller joined the show for its inaugural series as DI Richard Poole in 2011, but his character was killed until 2014.

May DIP fans making a brief cameo in 2021 still miss his incredibly grumpy character very much.

Ben Miller Original Detective
Ben is our favorite! (Image credit: BBC)

But Ben left what he called the “role of his life” to focus on two very important reasons – to be a good father and save his second marriage.

Speak with Radio times Shortly after his exit was confirmed, he stated, “I just got divorced and finally met someone. Now I’m on the other side of the world and we’re having a baby.

“It’s a real curveball to be finished. So I knew what to do to get my wife back – end death in paradise! “

How to watch Death in Paradise on the BBC

All episodes, past and present, of Death in Paradise can be viewed on BBC iPlayer.

While brand new episodes for Series 10 air on BBC One. Check your local listings for exact times.

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