Which rules from series one to six?

Line of Duty is back on our screens, once again taking control of the nation.

The popular BBC crime drama has thrilled viewers for years and it just seems to get more popular.

As the Line of Duty streak comes to an end six airs, it seemed appropriate to do a little reminder.

Which Line of Duty series achieved the highest ranking with a total of six seasons? Writer Josh Haigh has the floor …

Line of Duty is the UK’s most talked about show (Credit: BBC).

Line of Duty Series Ranking: Best to Least Favorite

Series 2

Keeley Hawes absolutely can’t go wrong.

While the first series warmed our appetites, it was Lindsay Denton’s introduction to Series 2 that made the show a must-see.

Not sure if it was bent or not, she kept the audience on the edge of their seats. Her abolition of the AC-12 helped expose her shortcomings and she became one of the most famous British television characters of all time.

Sure, it wasn’t perfect. But since when did it really matter?

Plus three words that still scare us: “Urgent exit required!”

Lindsay Denton was a huge hit with viewers (Credit: BBC)

Series 3

Another series that kept the viewer busy.

Actor Daniel Mays showed a powerful performance in his opening episode as the briefly beloved Danny Waldron.

Each episode added tension as things got worse for AC-12, and then Lindsay Denton’s iconic return sealed the deal.

I’m still not over Lindsay’s fate, however, and am hoping for a miracle in a future series.

Lindsay’s appearance on Series 3 stunned fans (Credit: BBC)

Series 4

Line of Duty really is at its best when its female characters are at the center of the drama.

Series 4 had arguably the most shocking, if ridiculous, opening episode in the series.

Hollywood actress Thandie Newton managed to keep her character down on the ground and became one of the most watchable villains on the series.

Sometimes it went from the ridiculous to the absurd – her arm! – and yet I couldn’t help but love every second.

Some were watching Series 4 the moment the show “jumped the shark” (Credit: BBC)

Series 1

The series that introduced us to the beloved characters from Line of Duty will always have a place in our hearts.

It was a gripping series from start to finish, but a few flaws prevent it from rivaling the best.

For example, having a child at the head of a gang’s operations didn’t seem to work entirely, and his constant use of the term “bent tail” every few seconds didn’t quite work.

But we were hooked by the story and it was only in the last few moments that we realized what the show’s title was about.

Series 5 got implicated in places (Image Credit: BBC)

Series 5

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed season 5.

However, the tortuous plot didn’t hit quite as hard as in the previous series.

At times the show got a bit like a big budget version of EastEnders and gave us increasingly soapy drama.

There were some brilliantly shocking moments, as expected, but by the end of the day, viewers had essentially learned nothing they didn’t already know about H.

However, Anna Maxwell Martin did an excellent job as the chief of stoic crime.

Series 6

Well, it’s not fair to judge until next week’s final credits roll out – then come back to see his position!

The sixth episode of Line of Duty is on Sunday April 25th at 9pm on BBC One

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